UFC Undisputed 3 – Become The Next MMA Legend

Finally, the latest MMA fighting game is going to be released soon. UFC Undisputed 3, the third game of UFC Undisputed franchise that was created back in 2007 under agreement with UFC. It will hit the stores on the Valentine’s Day, 14th of February 2012 for both PS3 and Xbox 360. Fans of UFC and the franchise should already pre-order this, I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Well, let’s roll to the details.

THQ’s UFC Undisputed 3 is made to support UFC since lately UFC has been booming because of FOX. One notable change this one has is control change. THQ has cleverly thought of fans’ concerns and decided to create a more noob-friendly control. This simplified control makes MMA fighting as easy as blinking, while maintaining the fun and effectivity of the game. However, you can still choose the traditional hardcore control if you feel it suits you the most.

UFC Undisputed 3 emphasizes its career mode, which is far better and fun to play. You can still create your own detailed fighter and play it in career mode, striving through the fights to become a top UFC fighter. New feature introduced in this game, we can play as other fighters included in the roster in career mode. So, even if you use the best MMA fighter, you will start at the same point in career mode, building your success from scratch. Career mode does not instantly put you into the UFC fights, instead, you’ll have to learn the ropes first in the arena of WFA and spread your fame to finally qualify your fighter to the UFC. Once you are a UFC fighter, the real game begins. Harder foes, events, relationship between fighters, and of course, training still holds an important role to further increase your fighter’s skills.

UFC Undisputed 3

UFC Undisputed 3

Different from previous installment, UFC Undisputed 3 won’t show you the crappy computer-made cutscenes they used to show. Instead, when we play as a preexisting character, we will be served with a real footage video of the fighter’s career in the real world like first win, first lost, training, issues, interviews, etc. What’s more, just like WWE, there will be entrance scenes!

Since Zuffa, LLC also owns the right for PRIDE FC, fresh from the oven, PRIDE FC will be included in UFC Undisputed 3. It is a Japanese MMA fighting championship that is more extreme and crazy. Rosters from UFC and PRIDE is not the same, however, you can select anyone of them to fight either in UFC rules or PRIDE rules.

For the sake of well-seasoned players, THQ has removed random events in a fight such as doctor stoppage and flash KO that was so random and annoying. Other than that, new robust training feature allows the fighter to camp-train in six famous fighting academies like Greg Jackson’s and much more.

I suggest UFC fans to directly pre-order this game because it shows lots of improvements compared to the previous installment. And now, THQ is giving you a limited-time offer for a free fighter (The Reem) by liking their page in Facebook. If you are not sure, you can as well try the demo that is available in both PSN and Xbox LIVE. So, regardless of the drawbacks, UFC Undisputed 3 is still a great upcoming MMA championship game.