4GB Xbox 360 Review From Real Users

If you're interested to buy 4GB Xbox 360, I highly recommend you to read 4GB Xbox 360 review from real users, in here! 4GB Xbox 360 has so many features such as blockbuster games, HD movies and controller-free fun for everyone, built-in Wi-Fi for easy connection to Xbox LIVE, Super quiet with sleek new design plus matching controller and ready for the controller-free fun of Kinect.

What do you get if you buy 4GB Xbox 360? Here's in the box:
  1. One Month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership
  2. 1 year limited warranty on console
  3. Xbox 360 4GB S Console
  4. Xbox 360 Black Wireless Controller
  5. Xbox 360 Composite A/V cable (standard definition)

You can read 4GB Xbox 360 review from real users below:

4GB Xbox 360 Review

4GB Xbox 360 Review
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Reviewed by S. Der

This 4gb Xbox 360 does not have an HDD. I bought this model because I had an older HDD already and I just stick that HDD into the slim and it works well.

This 360 model is probably as good as the Jasper motherboard model. I had the very first 360 motherboard and that was really crapy. With every new 360 motherboard that came out, the 360 has less risks of overheating and/or red ringing (RROD). The slim is the newest and in theory is the best for NOT RROD. But, I would say the Jasper model has a fighting chance of beating it. It just depends on the user's own usage and maintenance.

Long and gone are the days of just using a system anywhere, anyhow, and anyway. Back then, I had systems that I can abuse and use like crap and they still work today. Now Microsoft and Sony both have made systems that are made for very light touch, light abuse, and light everything.

The first thing I like to say about this slim is the the placement or the set up of the console really matters. You can't just place this thing on the carpet. You can't place this thing in an entertainment center. You can't place it in a high cabinet. Honestly, the best place you want to put this thing is next to a window. How high up or low it is matter too. 3 or 4 inches away from the window is a good idea. Same for the high. You can put something underneath the system for this high.

These things are NOT durable. You want a light touch on these things. During game play, you don't want to knock or tip this thing at all! Also, moving the console while it is off could be bad if there's a game inside the machine. Tapping, pounding, or smashing the machine would cause it to go bad quick! One fall from 1 or 2 feet would probably K.O. the thing! lol Older systems would probably take the hit and survive, but this thing; nope. If it does, it probably wouldn't last long without you seeing some problems with it.

Cleaning the machine is a good idea. Computer experts know that dust kills electronics and the 360 is known for overheating and dust would do that. I recommend getting a dust buster and blowing out the dust inside from time to time. With older system, you would never had to do this, but with these new babies, you will learn to do it. Some people like to vacuum it out and you can if you want too.

The overheating can still happen with a slim model. If you don't ever want to see that happen, you will to do some things. One thing you can do is to place your console horizontally. Heat can get out easier if you let it be in this position and the fan will blow it up. If you play the system vertically, you will see that a main air vent is now blocked. You really want air to get in the system so that it can cool it down. If you block a main vent it will tend to overheat easier. I will agree that it looks cool vertically. But, I would rather have a working system then a cool dead system.

If you really want to get something for your system to protect itself from overheating, then get something that blows in air from the side. When you do that you create a better airflow circulation. Cool air goes in from the side and warm air comes out from it vent. This is great for the system.

Since, we are talking about overheating, I would say this once and only once. I do not recommend you getting the Nyko intercooler STS. That product does nothing for the slim and may actually hurt the system. What you doing is putting an exhaust fan, on top of another exhaust fan. The airflow isn't really increase, but actually stays the same or decrease. Since, the 360 is blowing out air and the STS is collecting it and blowing out air, what did that do? If the 360 fans are blowing out more air that the STS can take in the extra air is still in the system. Heat kills and you want to get rid as much air as you can.

Some minor things I don't like about the slim model is the touch sensitive buttons. They will detect anything that come close to it and will start or open up the disc tray. I like the idea of having it, but it just a pain to see it do that when you didn't want to do it. Also, I would had like the slim to have more air holes. The older 360 design had air holes on the bottom of the system and on the top.

The power brick is better with this model. It has air holes that let out heat. Also, there is a fan in there and it helps with the heat too.

The new 360 slim controller feels a little better. It has a better look to it and has a better d-pad. The older 360 d-pad felt very hard and make it hard to press it. The new d-pad feels smooth and softer.

If you know how to take care of your toys, then I say this is a good system.

Reviewed by weberwithoneb

First of all, I love this console. This truly is a steal at $200 and even more so with Amazon's occasional gift certificate deals. The black finish looks elegant and I've had no overheating issues what-so-ever like my last 360.

Obviously 4GB is not going to cut it. I did two things to cheaply resolve the problem. First, I plugged a 16GB USB thumb drive in the back of the unit. This is now my primary drive and I don't really use the internal storage anymore. Honestly, 16 GB is plenty for most people. I also purchased an old Microsoft XBOX360 drive from the first gen consoles, cracked it open, and plugged the bare internal drive in the back. It was very easy to do. While the drive doesn't have a housing to keep it stable, you just have to make sure that your XBOX is somewhere protected where it won't move. The old drives can be found online for less than $10 during fire sales.

Edit: I've had my console for 6 months.

Reviewed by Sirhatless 45

I'd like to start off by saying that I had an older standard Xbox which died, and since sending it in to get fixed would've been cost exactly the same as buying a new one, I bought this with the understanding that it was an improved model, and to a certain extent it is.

The new Slim model is great, it has in-built wireless for Xbox Live, it has an internal hard drive so you don't need extra memory cards right away. It also has much better ventilation so if you buy new it's not likely to fail anytime soon.

The problem is that this model is completely incompatible with most hardware from the old model, I had one completely full memory card and a 120G hard drive which had most of my stuff on it. Since these are NOT compatible with the Slim model in any way, I have absolutely no way of access what must be like 40 to 50 gigs of game saves, expansion packs, and original Xbox games (Which still require an external drive in order to play).

It's not really a deal breaker for me, but it was immensely disappointing and because this information is, at time or writing, absolutely nowhere in the product description I can only give it 3 stars overall.

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