Xbox Live Points Card - Honest Reviews Inside!

Xbox Live Points card is so useful for you who have an Xbox 360 with internet connection and need entertainment! Xbox Live Points card is quite similar to Xbox Live Gold. You can redeem your Xbox Live Points card through the Xbox LIVE Marketplace to crank your favorite games up a notch with add-ons like new songs, maps, levels and more. You can also download HD movies or TV shows for an instant movie night or pick up and play arcade games the whole family will love.

Xbox Live Points Card

There are 2 types of Xbox Live Points card:
  • 1600 Points
  • 4000 Points

Formats that available for the Xbox Live Points card are:
  • Card
  • Online Game Code

What you can do by using Xbox Live Points?
  1. Game add-ons: songs, maps, levels, characters and more
  2. HD movies and TV shows in 1080p
  3. Connect with friends using Facebook
  4. Full Xbox 360® Games on Demand
  5. Xbox LIVE Arcade games
  6. Avatar fashions and Props

Xbox Live Points card is easy to use and really Fun! Here are some honest reviews from real gamers.

Xbox Live Points Card Reviews

Xbox Live Points Card Reviews

Review by J. Hurley

This is a pretty sweet deal if you can catch it on sale. Much cheaper than buying through the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Review by J. Grenader

It's slightly cheaper than buying points with a credit card, and it's much safer (especially after the whole hacker problem on the PS3). I love how I can just buy points, redeem them, and buy whatever I want on the spot. No wasted plastic, and one less place where my credit card info can get stolen.

The only thing is, Amazon will ask you to confirm your purchase by entering your credit card number. I understand it's for safety reasons, but I'm very lazy, and I was hoping that purchasing through Amazon would save me a trip around the house to find my purse and enter my credit card number. Ah well, such is the life of a lazy person! Maybe I should just learn my credit card number by heart...

Review by BeefMaster

It's Microsoft points, just like it says. You're saving (in most cases) just a few cents by purchasing it here rather than directly on your XBox or Microsoft's site, but it's handy for paranoiacs who like to keep their credit card data in as few places as possible. Ease of use bonus: The code can be copied and pasted into the "Enter a code" box on the XBox Live website, so you don't have to manually retype it.

I suggest you to buy Xbox Live Points card from Amazon to get more information and the Best Price!