Alleged "Ghost Clan Account" In Clash Of Clans Leaves Everyone's Mind Bewildered! Check It Out

Many have been left wondering when Clash of Clans players were bewildered by a mysterious "ghost village" allegedly created by a "dead clan leader." At first it caused quite the debate and sent creepy vibes to CoC players. The "creepy" occurrence has been first noticed by Shaun Mhad Lee, and decided to share his story and conclusion on a Facebook post which garnered much attention especially to CoC players. He said in his post that the "ghost clan" was at LVL 59, and can be found using the search tag #‎9QLU9CY8. But, as soon as players attemt to discover the said ghost village, results would turn negative and the game would proceed to crash down.

Lee said that although the game tends to crash when you attempt to search for the ghost village clan, lucky players who will be able to view and gain access to the village will see that the clan has active builders. This caused a debate and rumors have been circulating that the ghost clan is indeed being manifested by unknown forces. According to myCOCLab, the account belongs to Angarkey Rikhi, who is the leader of the DEDAM77BERADIK clan. Rumor has it that the Malaysian clan leader has already died. Still craving for playing the game that he loves, the clan still operates with active villagers and this is the result of the ghost clan. But in reality, what happened to his village was a "glitch," the CoC blog quoted by the game developers, Supercell. One player who noticed and peaked curiosity on the clan reported the account to the app developers of Supercell who made the game of CoC and here is the response she received.

A representative of the Clash of Clans game developer has responded to inquiries in regards to the alleged COC ghost village and further explained that the game crashes down automatically because "the village layout is not symmetrical," Social Trends PH reported. This quelled lingering doubts on whether the ghost clan was haunted or not. What do you think of the rumors about this ghost clan? Share us your thoughts down below and leave us a comment!

And this guy know how to do it...

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Nintendo 3DS XL Specifications, GamesAnd Release Date

Nintendo 3DS XL Technical Specifications

134mm × 74mm × vertical thickness horizontal 21mm (when folded) 
(Including the battery pack stylus SD memory card) 235g 

Bottom screen 
 (Approximately 16.77 million colors viewable) LCD with touch input feature
type 240 3.02 × 320 dots vertical dots next to / (46.08mm 61.44mm × vertical horizontal) 

Top screen
(Approximately 16.77 million colors viewable) widescreen LCD with integrated Autostereoscopic 
240 dots vertical (horizontal) × 800 dots / (46.08mm vertical 76.8mm × horizontal) 3.53 type 
can be assigned respectively to 400 dot 800 dot the right eye-left eye (horizontal three-dimensional representation is possible) 

Two cameras inside / outside 
Resolution (0.3 mega pixels) 640 × 480 both lenses: the number of effective pixels CMOS /:: imaging element / focal length of approximately 300,000 pixels 

Communications 2.4GHz communications passing between the play and play Nintendo 3DS available via the wireless LAN access point can be connected to the Internet (supports IEEE802.11b / g Reinforcement (WPA / WPA2 ) security) within 30m distance recommended ambient communication (※ may be shortened by circumstances) 

 System inputs 
Game card slot 
SD memory card slot 
Charging terminal AC adapter connection terminal 
Headphone connection terminal (stereo output) 
On the screen left and right stereo speakers (for surround pseudo-) 
(10cm when fully extended about) possible expansion and contraction 

Game inputs 
 A / B / X / Y button, cross, L / R buttons, Start / Select button 
(Possible 360-degree analog input) 
Slide pad 
Touch screen 
Built-in microphone 
Motion sensor 
Gyro sensor 


If you want to play Nintendo software 3DS : about 3 hours to 6.5 hours
if you want to play the Nintendo DS software: about 5 hours to 8 hours Battery life may vary depending on the brightness of the screen.
 Nintendo 3DS XL
Nintendo Gamers on the go can now expect positive news to a new handheld console from Nintendo this July and August.

Nintendo announced the Nintendo 3DS XL, which has a 90 percent bigger screen than the original 3DS portable gaming console.

"The Nintendo 3DS XL still featuring the same glasses-free 3D system, and Nintendo 3DS XL expected to last even longer on a single battery charge than the original 3DS," .

Nintendo 3DS XL screens measure 4.88 inches (upper) and 4.18 inches (lower) is added against the original 3DS' 3.53-inch upper and 3.01-inch lower screens.

PC World also say the XL has similar control configuration as the 3DS and lacks a second thumbpad.
"We'll be very curious to see whether the larger body of the 3DS XL can accommodate the Circlepad Pro accessory that was released for the 3DS to allow players more control over 3D games," it said.

The 3Ds XL is expected to be priced $199.99, about $30 more than the current $169.99 of the base 3DS.
Nintendo also announced its New Super Mario Bros. 2 will launch alongside the 3DS XL in August.

They also mention other titles for the 3Ds and 3Ds XL including Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, LEGO The Lord of the Rings.

Another report on said the Nintendo 3DS XL will include an AC adapter in North America but not in Japan.

However, it said other adapters from other Nintendo console can be used for the new device. said this new handheld will come in colors of Black, Black-Blue, and Black-Red on August 19 in North America for $199.
It releases on July 28 in Japan and Europe
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The Walking Dead: Episode 2 Review and Release date

Leading publisher of  Telltale Games digital entertainment and Robert Kirkman, the Eisner Award-winning creator and writer of The Walking Dead for Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics, announced today that  The Walking Dead: Episode 2 'Starved for Help', the second episode of the game series based on the critically acclaimed comic book series The Walking Dead, is already available for download. 

The Walking Dead set in the world of Robert Kirkman's award-winning comic book series. Lee Everett, a man convicted of a crime of passion, and been given the chance for redemption in a world inhabited by the undead. Players will experience life changing events, and also meet new characters and familiar ones from the original comic, they can visit locations that foreshadow the story of Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes. The Walking Dead offers a tailored game experience - player actions, decisions and choices affect how the story carries out across the entire series.

In The Walking Dead: Episode 2, players can see how their story continues based on the all of decisions that they made in Episode One, ‘A New Day.’ 

We get to see the fruits of our labor in the first game in The Walking Dead: Episode 2 , The Game is all about choice and the consequence from choosing it. Rather than focus on action, the main point of the game is about building relationships by interacting with other people. You don't get a second chance to say anything in this adventure game; dialogue pops up, and a limited amount of time to make a choice that will have consequences on your friends and make new enemies. 

Every decisions is then carried on into future episodes, so The Walking Dead: Episode 2 is the first time to see what that exactly means, and what it means is a whole lot of reasons to replay the episode. How much Clementine trusts you, what Lilly thinks of you, which lies do you have to remember -- all of the decisions you have made before set the stage for Lee’s continuing story. Based on which survivor you saved in Episode 1, you have different defenses and plenty of new information in Episode 2.

  the walking dead: episode 2

The Walking Dead: Episode 2 Release Date and Price

The Walking Dead: Episode 2 'Starved for Help' is  available now to download on Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, followed on Friday, June 29th, on PlayStation®Network for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system (in North America; other territories coming soon). The PC and Mac versions of the episode will also be available to download on June 29th from the in-game menu. 

The Walking Dead: Episode 2 'Starved for Help' met with great critical praise at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), winning GameSpy's Best Adventure Game award. nominated 'Starved for Help' for Best Xbox 360 Game, Best PS3 Game, Best PC Game, Biggest Surprise, and Overall Best Game of Show, saying "…'gut-wrenching' doesn’t even begin to describe Episode 2”. And also the Official Xbox Magazine said that Episode Two is “…promising even more intensity than its nerve-jangling predecessor.” 

The Walking Dead: Episode 2 - Starved for Help is the second in a series of five episodes. Each episode is available for 400 Microsoft®Points on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360® and for $4.99 per episode or as a $19.99 season pass on PlayStation®Network. The Walking Dead is also available as a $24.99 five-episode season pass on PC and Mac from the Telltale Online Store and other digital outlets.
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Half Life 2: Episode 3 Concept Art Rumour

Half Life 2: Episode 3 Concept Art , is revealed by Valve Time, it shows Alyx and other characters in multiple winter wear. And there's also a shot from Half Life 2: Episode 3 Concept Art of an arctic snowy environment with a crashed helicopter and a illustration of a massive citadel. But the most interesting shot, though, shows a person standing in a vivid environment with floating platforms.

In Episode 3, Gordon Freeman and Alyx searching for the Borealis, a research vessel with experimental technology. The vessel is owned by Aperture Science, the company featured in Portal. The ship disappeared one day and has resurfaced in an arctic environment.

Episode 2 was released back in 2007 and the concept art is from 2008 so who knows what Episode 3 looks like now. Valve could've just decided to expand it into Half-Life 3 according to the revelations from Half Life 2: Episode 3 Concept Art. We're really in the dark, here. But it's nice to see something from the game, though, after all these years.

Half-Life 2: Episode Three, is the third and final instalment of the Half-Life 2 episodes, and also  expected to follow soon after Episode Two, as Valve had stated that they planned to release a new episode in every six to eight months. However, as of March 2012, three pieces of concept art are all Valve have shown of the next game. But since then, Valve has released four games, and it currently has two in development, with only one of these, Portal 2, that is being set in the half-life universe.

Half Life 2: Episode 3 Concept Art Pictures Screenshot

Half Life 2: Episode 3 Concept Art Half-Life-2-Episode-3-Concept-Art-2 Half Life 2: Episode 3 Concept Art   

Some  half life fans believe Valve has scrapped the episodic model and is now working on a full sequel entitled Half-Life 3, but Valve employees  refused to give any comment on the status of the next Half-Life game, much this to be the displeasure of their fanbase. Despite general satisfaction with the games Valve has made since Episode Two, the next Half-Life game is still continue to be their most anticipated title, and with the long-awaited release of Duke Nukem Forever in 2011, half life  has become gaming's most infamous case of a continuing vaporware.

Many of the pictures appear in Half Life 2: Episode 3 Concept Art to show Alyx Vance and a man in a variety of outfits, while other pictures  focus on downed helicopters, each with a towering citadel like structure in the distance. Still others depict floating platforms with dangling tentacles and flowing creatures floating in the air, suggesting the return to  dimension Xen that is showcased at the climax of the original Half-Life.

Valve had not yet responded to GameSpot's request for comment. However, multiple volunteer moderators on the official Valve forums have confirmed the pics is authentic, albeit dated, concept art from an old project.

A thread also has appeared on the Valve fan site showing off supposed concept art for the next installment in the Half-Life series. It's high-quality art that fits with the Half-Life concept art style, and it also has the elements that would fit in with a Half-Life sequel, Head over to to see all the Half Life 2: Episode 3 Concept Art and to decide for yourself if you think it is real or not.
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RuneScape Mad Necklace Experience Multiplier Bonus

You can obtain the Runescape Mad necklace from Diango, for players who were members throughout the month of May in 2012. After talking to Diango, you must ask "Do you have anything else?" to get the necklace. On 1 June 2012 all players who had been a member for the entirety month of May recieved a message after logging in stating "You have obtained the Mad Necklace! See Diango to claim it.". 

After equipping the RuneScape Mad Necklace a message says "You feel empowered by the festivities of May." and after unequipping the RuneScape Mad Necklace a message appears saying "You are no longer empowered by the festivities of May." When RuneScape Mad Necklace is worn it will give 250k bonus experience in any skill and its also works the same way as the Sköll boots and Hati paws with checking the charge.

RuneScape Mad Necklace Experience Multiplier

The Mad Necklace experience multiplier does stack with Constructor's outfit, Lumberjack clothes , Golden mining suit and with a charged clan ring. the mad necklace also stacks with player owned house altars. The mad necklace gives the full 2x boost to Summoning whereas on the Bonus XP Weekends, Summoning was only given a 1.1x boost.

It is also may be ill-advised to train combat skills or Slayer with this because the mad necklace would give double exp in both the stat you are training and Constitution. This would use the charges up at a faster rate than if used on a single skill. As for Slayer, the charges would be used on the combat skill that you are using, Constitution, and also Slayer as well. 

The necklace does work for Dungeoneering bonus . The mad necklace can be taken into the dungeon and equipped at the end to provide a double  Dungeoneering experience (tokens will not be doubled). 

Note: equip the necklace only when moving to the next dungeon if you want to get all the experience solely for Dungeoneering. 

The mad necklace also works inside the Runespan, and also even doubling the experience that is received from locating the yellow wizard. Like Dungeoneering, the points that is earned will not be doubled. 

And also please note that, this necklace's effect stacks with the effect of the Goldsmith Gauntlets and its giving a little over 112 exp per gold bar, that grants the player with an incredibly efficient and cheap Smithing experience, and this is a good thing for blacksmithing. 

The mad necklace also works inside the Clan Citadel, it will double the experience from all plots. 

When all the charges are used, the item is reduced to a cosmetic item, very similar to the Hati paws and Sköll boots. But you will not get a message when this happens.
  RuneScape Mad Necklace  
Experience Not Doubled 
* Bonus experience gained from a special slayer task 
* Dungeoneering experience bought with tokens 
* The Refer a Friend Programme experience boost will not stack 
* The effects DO NOT stack with the passive 10% exp boost achieved by purchasing membership at the RuneScape stand at the recent MCM Expo event 
* Sacred clay items 
* The Ectofuntus 
* Experience lamps 
* Experience bought in Soul Wars 
* Agility Arena tickets 
* Teleporting a full urn of any kind 
* When used in conjunction with a Penance horn, the experience gained will only be doubled, and only use the horn's charges. The experience gained pop-up atop the screen will show the experience as if unaffected by either boosting item. 
* Runite Smelting at the Blast Furnace (1.5 extra xp recieved regardless of how many are smelted) 
* Experience gained from making unfinished potions with the Factory set is not doubled 
* Giving sq'irk juice to Osman in the Sorceress's Garden. 
* Defeating the wild jade vine, but it does work on checking health for farming experience 
* Cutting Lapis lazuli gems 
* Experience from distractions and diversions - Skeletal Horror - The Pit - Penguin points - Tears of Guthix - The Circus - Adding a pair of rocks to the statue in the Shattered Heart   

 Those are Experience is not doubled with RuneScape Mad Necklace
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SWTOR Allies Update Patch 1.3 and SWTOR Youtube Videos

The next major game update is called SWTOR Allies. It will provide players access to greater Legacy content, and this making gameplay and content almost entirely customizable. Players can tailor almost everything about their characters with adaptive gear, they can change their characters' appearance to match nearly any Star Wars character. An augmentation system is being introduced, and the tutorial system is being revamped as well, facilitating startups for those new to MMO gaming. In addition to these improvements, SWTOR Allies 1.3 will give players the long-awaited group finder tool, ranked PvP warzones, and free character transfers. Players in the past have desired a greater challenge, so in a future patch, BioWare will introduce both a new Nightmare mode to ramp up difficulty and a new horror-themed operation named Terror From Beyond.

swtor allies

SWTOR Allies Update 1.3 - Allies new features:

Group Finder – this will make it much easier for players to join up with other players in the game. This feature allows you to connect with the others  who want to tackle the same Flashpoint or Operation that you do while also ensuring the group is filled out with combat disciplines that complement each other. Together you’ll be better prepared to take on the more advanced challenges in the game. 

Ranked Warzones – make PvP more challenging and more rewarding. You can now create a group, compete in ranked warzones, and then track your personal performance and measure your skills against other players. 

Legacy Character Perks – perks give you the opportunity to customize the leveling experience for your Legacy characters. You can focus on the parts of the game you like best, whether that’s space combat, PvP,or Group Missions and Flashpoints, you can choose which activities earn the most experience. The perks give you other bonus opportunities as well, like piloting a vehicle at level 10, earning bonus affection with companions, and even being able to reallocate your skill points in the field. 

Adaptive Gear – allows you to wear your favorite social gear into combat while still enjoying the bonuses you receive from your best combat gear. We’ll almost certainly be seeing more eccentric-looking groups tackling high-level operations, but that’s part of the fun.

 SWTOR Youtube Videos

SWTOR Allies update Patch 1.3 is primarily a systems piece. It brings in group finder, adaptive gear, that stuff. Soon in the future, we'll have great stuff coming down the pike. We've got the quest for HK-51, a new dungeon that basically is an adventure game with no combat, and the new world Makeb. We're really going into the best of The Old Republic. We're really focused on epic, tight, cinematic RPG-like stuff that you're used to seeing with BioWare.


SWTOR Allies Players will be introduced to the new adaptive gear system, which will allow players to wear their favorite social gear and still receive the perks from their best combat gear. This means that you'll be able to charge into battle dressed as a Twi'lek belly dancer and still stand a fighting chance. 

Overall, these adaptations on SWTOR Allies Update Patch 1.3 seem to satisfy some very vocal fan requests and are a welcomed addition to what is already on of the most popular MMOs in the industry.  
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Quantum Conundrum Video Game Download

Quantum Conundrum is the newest game from Kim Swift the the co-creator of the best selling game "Portal" . The game is the same in many aspects to Portal, Its is a  first person puzzle game, with the help of  a crazy narrator you spend most of your time trying to escape trough different rooms. The game was released on the PC to some very high reviews.

Quantum Conundrum is remarkably similar to Portal because the physics-based puzzle games are fun, and people reakky enjoy making and playing with them. Quantum Conundrum uses this theory by being pretty fun to play, especially if you enjoy the humor that crops up in a Dreamworks animated movie.

While Quantum Conundrum's puerile protagonist actually do not speak throughout the game, the voice of Dr. Quadwrangle (voiced by Star Trek and Planescape: Torment alum John de Lancie) keeps up a comforting running commentary on your performance and also provides entertaining insights on the history of Quadwrangle Manor.

It is very ideal for short play sessions but a little unsatisfying to complete. And also it blatantly challenges you to play through puzzle rooms multiple times by scattering collectibles throughout the game, you can measure your performance against your friends via online leaderboards, and placing a big honking on the "Level Select" machine smack dab in the foyer of Quadwrangle Manor.

Thankfully, the puzzles are a blast !. The design of the puzzle rooms are amazing and it will encourages you to play with the Quadwrangle estate in unexpected ways; by quantum shifting between alternate dimensions that will make everything (except you) lighter or heavier, you can also reverse gravity or slow down time. The puzzle rooms get more complex as the game continues, but strangely we never felt frustrated; in fact, we would often found ourself grinning after discovering a solution to a seemingly impassable puzzle. None of these puzzles are likely to stump you for more than five or ten minutes, but if you finish Quantum Conundrum and still want more you can go back and replay levels to try and beat your best time or solve a puzzle with as few quantum shifts as possible.

Your performance is broadcast to your friends via the afore-mentioned online leaderboards, and going forward more puzzles or multiplayer modes may be released for Quantum Conundrum as downloadable content.

  quantum conundrum

 Hopefully the Airtight Games will also release some DLC that fleshes out the story of Dr. Quadwrangle and his errant nephew; after completing the game on PC because it is a very cool game to be continue into new levels, because it is so Enjoyable !, It is really worth it for  the hours spent solving the riddles of Quadwrangle Manor.

Quantum Conundrum Video Game Download

Fans of consoles don't have to wait too long to get their hands on this cool and amazing  little game. Quantum Conundrum will be released on PlayStation Network on July 10 and also on Xbox Live Arcade will get the game a day later on July 11.

And you can purchase it at $ 14.99  a cool BARGAIN in Amazon or you can get it on Steam.

Quantum Conundrum the computer game DLC

There is also some DLC scheduled for Quantum Conundrum, PC players can already buy a season pass from  Steam now that will get you “two puzzle packs and the game’s soundtrack”. No release date for the DLC packs has been announced yet, and there is no information if the season pass will be available for console owners but we would suspect so.

 Click Here To Download From STEAM

 Click Here To Download From Amazon

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