Quantum Conundrum Video Game Download

Quantum Conundrum is the newest game from Kim Swift the the co-creator of the best selling game "Portal" . The game is the same in many aspects to Portal, Its is a  first person puzzle game, with the help of  a crazy narrator you spend most of your time trying to escape trough different rooms. The game was released on the PC to some very high reviews.

Quantum Conundrum is remarkably similar to Portal because the physics-based puzzle games are fun, and people reakky enjoy making and playing with them. Quantum Conundrum uses this theory by being pretty fun to play, especially if you enjoy the humor that crops up in a Dreamworks animated movie.

While Quantum Conundrum's puerile protagonist actually do not speak throughout the game, the voice of Dr. Quadwrangle (voiced by Star Trek and Planescape: Torment alum John de Lancie) keeps up a comforting running commentary on your performance and also provides entertaining insights on the history of Quadwrangle Manor.

It is very ideal for short play sessions but a little unsatisfying to complete. And also it blatantly challenges you to play through puzzle rooms multiple times by scattering collectibles throughout the game, you can measure your performance against your friends via online leaderboards, and placing a big honking on the "Level Select" machine smack dab in the foyer of Quadwrangle Manor.

Thankfully, the puzzles are a blast !. The design of the puzzle rooms are amazing and it will encourages you to play with the Quadwrangle estate in unexpected ways; by quantum shifting between alternate dimensions that will make everything (except you) lighter or heavier, you can also reverse gravity or slow down time. The puzzle rooms get more complex as the game continues, but strangely we never felt frustrated; in fact, we would often found ourself grinning after discovering a solution to a seemingly impassable puzzle. None of these puzzles are likely to stump you for more than five or ten minutes, but if you finish Quantum Conundrum and still want more you can go back and replay levels to try and beat your best time or solve a puzzle with as few quantum shifts as possible.

Your performance is broadcast to your friends via the afore-mentioned online leaderboards, and going forward more puzzles or multiplayer modes may be released for Quantum Conundrum as downloadable content.

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 Hopefully the Airtight Games will also release some DLC that fleshes out the story of Dr. Quadwrangle and his errant nephew; after completing the game on PC because it is a very cool game to be continue into new levels, because it is so Enjoyable !, It is really worth it for  the hours spent solving the riddles of Quadwrangle Manor.

Quantum Conundrum Video Game Download

Fans of consoles don't have to wait too long to get their hands on this cool and amazing  little game. Quantum Conundrum will be released on PlayStation Network on July 10 and also on Xbox Live Arcade will get the game a day later on July 11.

And you can purchase it at $ 14.99  a cool BARGAIN in Amazon or you can get it on Steam.

Quantum Conundrum the computer game DLC

There is also some DLC scheduled for Quantum Conundrum, PC players can already buy a season pass from  Steam now that will get you “two puzzle packs and the game’s soundtrack”. No release date for the DLC packs has been announced yet, and there is no information if the season pass will be available for console owners but we would suspect so.

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