GoldFish the Mystery Item In Team Fortress 2

Yesterday either the Team Fortress 2 item team at valve were completely lost their minds or they are doing something sneaky, because they added six new items that don't appear in the catalog. And those items are :  
pocket lint

a GoldFish 
a cheese wheel 
a banana peel 
a barn plank 
a secret diary 
and a broken capacitor 

There was a time when Valve would just inform you about the detail that was in their updates, but nowadays the Team Fortress 2 developers have taken to sneaking information out in bits for the fans to reassemble - Well it's more fun that way. The latest Team Fortress 2 update patch released with no patch notes and started depositing strange items into player's backpacks. Well, they're building up to something.

We are not really sure about the use of those items listed in the updates, but obviously it must has  something to do with team fortres 2 since it is in the game right ?. Well many players are questioning the use of the items and what is it for, is it craftable ? items like bananas, GoldFish  or pocket lint,  is it just another useless items that is similar like junk or just a collection of garbage that makes team fortress players confused and wonder

Goldfish, Pocket lint and Other Mysterious Items are meant to be crafted  ?

While all the items like GoldFish, pocket lint and cheese wheel are mysterious, but the least mysterious of all is the "Damaged Capacitor". It's feeding into the current TF2 community's "the next update is a robot update" obsession that Valve have planted: not only is it a bit of technology, but it has "MVM" scratched off at the side. It also has numbers on its side: "6.22V1500". June 22nd? That's this Friday, the perfect time to get people playing their game over the weekend. It's description reads: "How did it get damaged? Who damaged it? What is a capacitor? Better get your tickets ready, because the mystery train is leaving the station. Or did it already leave? Another mystery!"

The rest of the items include GoldFish, Pocket Lint, Cheese Wheel, Banana Peel, Barn Door Plank, and a Secret Diary. None of them have any obvious meaning attatched. The Secret Diary's reads: "Unlike other games we could mention, owning this won't trigger a sound file narrating secret diary entries. Why? Because we RESPECT THE PRIVACY of our characters. What are they hiding? Truly we live in MYSTERIOUS TIMES."MYSTERIOUS! Ahem. 

I'm betting by this weekend we'll know the details of the "Mann vs Machine" mode, and that my Steam Wallet is about to take another pounding.

Adult Swim is running a promotion on their site teasing a collaboration with the developer Valve for something that is Team Fortress 2-related. And If you remember, Valve released video profiles for every class on Team Fortress 2  except for the Pyro class. If you click over to the newsletter sign up page on their site, the Pyro is prominently featured, making it seem like the announcement next week may be an extended version of a Meet The Pyro installment.
Well what could this new items such as GoldFish means ? or maybe GoldFish are meant for crafting some gold items with it? if so then maybe some players would rather to keep GoldFish items in their pocket, so the can sell the GoldFish later or just craft the GoldFish with other Items to craft new items with GoldFish item, who knows, we have to wait for news on GoldFish description the next Team Fortress 2 announcement.