SWTOR Allies Update Patch 1.3 and SWTOR Youtube Videos

The next major game update is called SWTOR Allies. It will provide players access to greater Legacy content, and this making gameplay and content almost entirely customizable. Players can tailor almost everything about their characters with adaptive gear, they can change their characters' appearance to match nearly any Star Wars character. An augmentation system is being introduced, and the tutorial system is being revamped as well, facilitating startups for those new to MMO gaming. In addition to these improvements, SWTOR Allies 1.3 will give players the long-awaited group finder tool, ranked PvP warzones, and free character transfers. Players in the past have desired a greater challenge, so in a future patch, BioWare will introduce both a new Nightmare mode to ramp up difficulty and a new horror-themed operation named Terror From Beyond.

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SWTOR Allies Update 1.3 - Allies new features:

Group Finder – this will make it much easier for players to join up with other players in the game. This feature allows you to connect with the others  who want to tackle the same Flashpoint or Operation that you do while also ensuring the group is filled out with combat disciplines that complement each other. Together you’ll be better prepared to take on the more advanced challenges in the game. 

Ranked Warzones – make PvP more challenging and more rewarding. You can now create a group, compete in ranked warzones, and then track your personal performance and measure your skills against other players. 

Legacy Character Perks – perks give you the opportunity to customize the leveling experience for your Legacy characters. You can focus on the parts of the game you like best, whether that’s space combat, PvP,or Group Missions and Flashpoints, you can choose which activities earn the most experience. The perks give you other bonus opportunities as well, like piloting a vehicle at level 10, earning bonus affection with companions, and even being able to reallocate your skill points in the field. 

Adaptive Gear – allows you to wear your favorite social gear into combat while still enjoying the bonuses you receive from your best combat gear. We’ll almost certainly be seeing more eccentric-looking groups tackling high-level operations, but that’s part of the fun.

 SWTOR Youtube Videos

SWTOR Allies update Patch 1.3 is primarily a systems piece. It brings in group finder, adaptive gear, that stuff. Soon in the future, we'll have great stuff coming down the pike. We've got the quest for HK-51, a new dungeon that basically is an adventure game with no combat, and the new world Makeb. We're really going into the best of The Old Republic. We're really focused on epic, tight, cinematic RPG-like stuff that you're used to seeing with BioWare.


SWTOR Allies Players will be introduced to the new adaptive gear system, which will allow players to wear their favorite social gear and still receive the perks from their best combat gear. This means that you'll be able to charge into battle dressed as a Twi'lek belly dancer and still stand a fighting chance. 

Overall, these adaptations on SWTOR Allies Update Patch 1.3 seem to satisfy some very vocal fan requests and are a welcomed addition to what is already on of the most popular MMOs in the industry.