Alleged "Ghost Clan Account" In Clash Of Clans Leaves Everyone's Mind Bewildered! Check It Out

Many have been left wondering when Clash of Clans players were bewildered by a mysterious "ghost village" allegedly created by a "dead clan leader." At first it caused quite the debate and sent creepy vibes to CoC players. The "creepy" occurrence has been first noticed by Shaun Mhad Lee, and decided to share his story and conclusion on a Facebook post which garnered much attention especially to CoC players. He said in his post that the "ghost clan" was at LVL 59, and can be found using the search tag #‎9QLU9CY8. But, as soon as players attemt to discover the said ghost village, results would turn negative and the game would proceed to crash down.

Lee said that although the game tends to crash when you attempt to search for the ghost village clan, lucky players who will be able to view and gain access to the village will see that the clan has active builders. This caused a debate and rumors have been circulating that the ghost clan is indeed being manifested by unknown forces. According to myCOCLab, the account belongs to Angarkey Rikhi, who is the leader of the DEDAM77BERADIK clan. Rumor has it that the Malaysian clan leader has already died. Still craving for playing the game that he loves, the clan still operates with active villagers and this is the result of the ghost clan. But in reality, what happened to his village was a "glitch," the CoC blog quoted by the game developers, Supercell. One player who noticed and peaked curiosity on the clan reported the account to the app developers of Supercell who made the game of CoC and here is the response she received.

A representative of the Clash of Clans game developer has responded to inquiries in regards to the alleged COC ghost village and further explained that the game crashes down automatically because "the village layout is not symmetrical," Social Trends PH reported. This quelled lingering doubts on whether the ghost clan was haunted or not. What do you think of the rumors about this ghost clan? Share us your thoughts down below and leave us a comment!

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