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If you're looking for Killzone 3 reviews for PlayStation 3, you can find it in here! The Killzone 3 reviews are written by real users! Visari is gone, but the war is far from over. Helghast forces have mounted a devastating counter-attack, prompting the ISA evacuation of planet Helghan. As new Helghast battalions appear, armed with more powerful weapons, ISA forces find themselves outmanned, outgunned and surrounded. Killzone 3 is the fourth release overall in the PlayStation 3 exclusive first-person shooter franchise, and contains the first integration of the PlayStation Move system into its gameplay. The game features full Playstation Move system integration throughout the game -- including the Move and Navigational controllers.

PlayStation Move offers a new and innovative gaming experience for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) system by fusing realistic, high-definition gaming along with accurate, intuitive control. Consisting of PlayStation Move motion controller, the PlayStation Eye camera and the optional PlayStation Move Navigational controller, the PlayStation Move controller system enables sophisticated motion control and immersive gameplay only possible on PlayStation 3. The PlayStation Eye camera is an integral part of PlayStation Move experience. The cornerstone of the PlayStation Move system, the PlayStation Move motion controller combines advanced motion sensors, a dynamic color changing sphere, vibration feedback, and an easy-to-use button interface to provide the ultimate in motion-based gaming. The PlayStation Move also features the familiar PlayStation controller button orientation, for seamless play from the very first use. The PlayStation Move Navigation controller is a supplementary controller developed to further expand the experience that PlayStation Move games can offer. The PlayStation Move Navigation controller adds an analog stick, directional buttons and two face buttons into the PlayStation Move's control scheme. You can read Killzone 3 reviews below:

Killzone 3 Reviews

Killzone 3 Reviews

Reviewed by Jason

Killzone 3 proves to be the best first person shooter in sci-fi games available on the PS3. I bought it after reading mixed reviews when it went on sale and have been very glad that I did.

I don't know why so many people have criticized the storyline in Killzone 3. It's not the main force to drive you to play the game and granted, sometimes it gets in the way of the games pacing, but compared to Killzone 2 it's vastly improved. It's no Halo mind you, but it gives you a sense of the fight for survival after the ISA's war with the Helghast. You get sense of the desperateness and perseverance of the ISA forces that have been trapped.

This is a FPS, so you should mostly know what to expect, especially if you played Killzone 2, not much has changed. The controls have tightened up considerably and it is more fun overall. However, this time around we have a lot of unique features added, such as stealth missions, a jet pack (which is way cool) and some wicked cool weapons that you can use to obliterate your enemies. I found the difficultly to be easier than Killzone 2, yet the cover feature seems to have gotten worse as I managed to get shot while hiding behind cover which by very nature should not happen. I understand bombs, grenades but getting shot and killed behind cover, really?? The single player is enjoyable, also offering a co-op mode which is enjoyable, but extremely easy.

The graphics are about the same as they were in Killone 2, however, not every environment is a dark gritty battlefield. The beautiful snow and ice areas are the best, using beautiful weather effects and wonderful textures and lighting. The jungle is a nice idea but looks just so-so in my opinion. the gritty war-torn battlefields you do encounter do look ok, but not as good as Killzone 2. The shading and the textures in KZ2 were so focused on the towns/gritty war torn areas that they just looked better than KZ3, but KZ3 has better variety.

The sound is good over-all, what you'd expect from a main PS3 title and similar in style and focus as KZ2.

Final Thoughts:
I'm not big into multi-player and I found the multi-player in Killzone 3 to be fun, innovative and better in scope and enjoyment than KZ2. The maps are well designed and enjoyable over-all. I really did find the not so great attempt at a story line to be admirable, though I often found it getting in the way of the action and pacing. The story isn't whats going to draw you into this game, it's the incredible game-play and solid co-op/multi-player. The graphics are great and the sound is incredible. If you enjoy sci-fi first person shooters, aren't into zombies and want something other than your typical call of duty / medal of honor first person shooter, than pick this one up.

Reviewed by user123

Sony has done a wonderful job creating worthwhile exclusives for their Playstation machines. The Killzone franchise is definitely another series worth owning.

The fourth installment in the series, including the PSP title, Killzone 3 picks up where Killzone 2 left off. The war against the Helghast continues and it has certainly taken its toll on both sides. This is probably what I enjoyed the most - character evolution.

The main characters are Rico and Sevcenko. They are extreme opposites in personality but one in the same in their will to end this war. While I do not enjoy Rico and actually become incredibly annoyed by him, he has furthered his short fuse and defiance towards superiors since the original Killzone. He feels he is the only one ready to do what is necessary and is being held back by fools with authority. Surprisingly, the frequently cool-headed Sev starts to feel the same way as he "respectfully" talks back to his superiors as well to continue the fight rather than retreat. The characters even look tired and war-torn. Sev and Rico both look greatly aged under the stress and desperation of the war and the Helghans latest plans for destruction - I don't want to give any spoilers so I won't explain this any more.

The visuals and environment are great. I particularly enjoyed the addition of the jet pack enabling Sev to utilize multiple levels of cover and arial attacks. The facial detail and the amount of details in uniforms, especially the Helghast uniforms, is impressive.

I only have two issues with the game. The first is more of a preference than any technical issue and deals with the length of the game. I don't feel it was incredibly short to the point of being created solely for the multiplayer platform, but it didn't seem to last as long as Killzone 1 or 2. It does definitely leave me waiting for Killzone 4 with a hope that it is significantly longer.

The second, and the main reason I gave this game a 4 rather than 5 star overall rating deals with audio. The audio in almost all dialogue in the game cuts out halfway through each sentence. I needed to read subtitles in order to follow what was being said which prevented me from being able to watch the main screen and the game. It's very difficult to find cover and fire while attempting to read conversation at the same time. Even with the newest patch there is the audio problem. Too bad.

If you're a Killzone fan or enjoy sci-fi style shooters I would definitely recommend this game. I don't play the multiplayer, so I'm no help in regards to that experience or how busy the servers are.

Reviewed by GSPmma

Killzone is PS3's Halo, it's as simple as that. The game play is not the same but it's the best shooter series available on the PS3. Multiplayer is this game is superb. The single player is great but the voice acting is pretty bad and the characters aren't very memorable. Graphics are without a doubt the best of any game on a console to date. I was going to give it a 4 just because the voice actors need to do a much better job, but I don't think it's fair to take away a star just for that reason. I've played this game trough on every difficulty and I'm super addicted to the multiplayer. CoD and Gears don't phase me, There aren't any decent Socom games on the PS3, Resistance and Battlefield are starting to go in the wrong direction, and I have over played the Halo games to the point where I need a break. I didn't just find that break with Killzone, I found a new favorite shooter series! Well actually it's tied with Halo, but you get the point.

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