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Are you looking for Resistance 3 reviews from real users? You can find it in here! Resistance 3 is divided into 2 editions: Standard edition and Doomsday edition. Resistance 3 is developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3. Resistance 3 is a full-featured adventure shooter based in a brutal alternative universe in which humanity is faced with a struggle for survival against a relentless alien race in a decimated America.

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Resistance 3 Features

Resistance 3
  • Two-player online and local/split-screen co-op gameplay allows players to team up with a friend during Capelli's journey to New York.
  • Journey as mankind's last hope, Joseph Capelli, across a devastated America, making your way from Haven, Oklahoma to New York City.
  • A new, more focused, progression-based multiplayer experience builds on Insomniac's multiplayer pedigree, while allowing players to take part in the global resistance by battling in locations set around the globe.
  • Engage smarter and more agile Chimeran enemies - due to Insomniac's new awareness and cinematic traversal technology that gives the Chimera the ability to traverse any environment to reach you: nowhere is safe. Newly evolved Chimeran species - such as the powerful, leaping Longlegs - are larger and more deadly than ever.
  • Resistance 3 returns with a fully loaded arsenal of innovative weapons, including classics like the Bullseye, Auger, Rossmore, and Marksman, and increase the firepower of each with a new weapon upgrade system. With the return of the fan-favorite weapon wheel, players now have access to the entire sandbox of weaponry, giving them strategic choices for any situation they encounter.

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Resistance 3 Reviews

Reviewed by The Endz

Resistance is perhaps the most polarizing title of this console generation. As someone who falls into the group of people that love the series, I was extremely impressed with the single player campaign and very unimpressed with the multiplayer.

The Single Player Campaign:
This is the best Resistance single player game of the series. The story is presented in a coherent manner. The mythos of the Resistance world has always intrigued me, yet I always felt like Insomniac failed to tell the Resistance story as well as they could have. Although there were moments where I wish Insomniac had done more in terms of fleshing out the story, in the end I was thoroughly impressed with the tale Insomniac told in what seems to be their final entry in the series. Sure there are elements of the plot that are handled somewhat clumsily, but that's true of almost any videogame. The moments that are done well, however, are done incredibly well. The story of Resistance centers around an alien invasion in the 50's, yet I never really felt the circumstances were as dire as the story told in the previous two games. That's not the case in Resistance 3. From the moment the game begins you'll feel how hopeless the chances of humanity's survival are. The new graphics engine really helped in this regard, as the lighting and the detail of the environment really immersed me into the world of Resistance in a way the previous 2 games never did. The combat is fun, but not all that challenging. The enemy AI runs ranges from average to horrible. Far too often I would enter an area in which enemy AI would simply stand still, not firing at me at all...and I was playing the game on hardcore difficulty.

The Multiplayer Campaign
For most people, a solid multiplayer campaign is the difference between keeping a game and selling it. In regard to Resistance 3 I find myself in the latter category of gamers as I recently sold the game. It's not that the multiplayer is horrible; it's just that there is nothing that Resistance 3 did to make me what to play the multiplayer longterm. To sum up the multiplayer in a word, I would say it's okay. The stages, the weapons, the progression's all just okay. Nothing is done so well that I found myself wanting to play the multiplayer to explore more of any particular aspect. In fact, the lag made the majority of matches very frustrating (which is surprising considering lag had never really been an issue with Resistance games). Moreover, the character models and the character animations look kinda silly in multiplayer. They all have this sort of stuttering type of movement that makes them all look somewhat goofy. The killstreaks provide the player with temporary weapons or abilities (such as cloaking or an assault shield), but none of them were really impressive enough to motivate me to want to get them. There are dropships and VTLs in the campaign so why not have a killstreak where a ship flies overhead and shoots the opposing players? Or why not have a killstreak where AI is dropped into the match to fight the oppossing team? It just felt like they could have done more in terms of scope or creativity with the killstreaks rather than simply allowing the player to use weapons like the Auger. Again, none of this is necessarily bad...but none of it was altogether impressive either.

I really enjoyed the campaign of Resistance 3. If this is the final game in the series I can leave it without feeling Insomniac failed to ever really tell a good Resistance story, despite the fact that the ending was so abrupt it left me feeling as if Insomniac just said "F it, lets get this thing over with." The multiplayer, unfortunately, doesn't do enough to distinguish itself which will probably result in many people re-selling the game shortly after completing the campaign.

If you're a Resistance fan and you have the means, I'd recommend picking the game up just to experience the single player. If you're not a Resistance fan but you enjoy a good FPS campaign then you should also give the game a look for the same reason. If, however, you're a multiplayer only gamer then I'd advise you to spend your money elsewhere.

Reviewed by JoelCDCiganPharm.D

I picked up this game having just beaten Gears of War 3 for XBOX 360. I was expecting it to be pretty good from the reviews I read online. I must say, the single player campaign thus far does not disappoint. I am halfway through the game on novice difficulty as the game's only major gripe would be that it's too challenging on any of the other difficulty levels. The game's action is paired very nicely to the PS3 controller making the experience much more visceral as I shotgun blasted my way through globs of chimera! I also didn't find the graphics to be as lackluster as other reviewers noted finding them to be of a different artistic style so to speak. While they aren't as good as Gears of War 3, the graphics are nothing to complain about and add nicely to the game's overall feel. Weather effects are especially good during one of the earlier levels as you traverse your way through a delapidated town in the rain.

The weapons in the game are probably one of the game's best features as they pair very nicely with the in-game weapon wheel. I found them to be above and beyond those found in Gears of War 3. Throwing a grenade in Resistance 3 is as simple as positioning your crosshairs where you want to throw it avoiding the trajectory based guide of Gears 3 altogether. I can't begin to describe the difficulties I had in Gears 3 trying to get a grenade thrown where I wanted it! Kudos to the game developers for Resistance 3 for making weapon usage so effortless.

Resistance 3's sound design is also in a class above that of Gears of War 3. Listening to a shotgun reload was probably one of the best parts of the game especially after a weapon upgrade. Listening to the shells click into place after blasting through the chimera was a nice touch overall. I also should note that while the game is a first-person shooter, it works much better in it's game class than that of Gears 3. I think the game in scope doesn't take itself as seriously as Gears of War 3 and that is it's strength. Anytime there is so much hype surrounding a game it is often better to go to the movies because what you are getting as a game is often less than what you are getting in story. Insomniac Games definitely put out a great product!

Reviewed by C. maury

Allow me to start by saying that I am not a hardcore gamer, and that I have never been a fan of first person shooters until I tried this game. Originally, I got the "dumb Edition", which I though it was very crappy given the feeling of the sharpshooter. Although I had the feeling I had wasted my money poorly, I decided to give this game a try with the regular controller, and I became addicted to it.

This is the first time I've enjoyed a fps game so much. People complain a lot about a poor story line, and make some comparisons to other games, but to me this game is fun. The weapons and their secondary weapons and their ability to upgrade. The graphics and environment are great. The different weather scenarios and sound effects are neat. I love the sound made by weapons when they reload. I wish I had played the first 2 games, but the way they explain what's going on at the beginning of the game allowed me not to feel lost.

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