Elders of Kalimdor - The Elder of The Moon

Do you want to bear the title of Elders? I dare to challenge you to get the title if you feel deserve to it! Elders of Kalimdor are the achievement in World of Warcraft game. This is one of 15 achievements in the world event, the Lunar Festival. To achieve this tittle the player must complete series of quest as below:
  • Elder of Primestone
  • Elder of Windtotem
  • Elder of Dreamseer
  • Elder of Starweave
  • Elder of Mistwalker
  • Elder of Bloodhoof
  • Elder of Skyseer
  • Elder of Stonespire
  • Elder of Bladesing
  • Elder of Thunderhorn
  • Elder of Skygleam
  • Elder of Ragetotem
  • Elder of High Mountain
  • Elder of Bladeleaf
  • Elder of Grimtotem
  • Elder of Nightwind
  • Elder of Riversong
  • Elder of Morningdew
  • Elder of Moonwarden
  • Elder of Brightspear
  • Elder of Runetotem

Kalimdor, the origin of Elders of Kalimdor is the largest landmass in the world of Azeroth. It is the ancestral home land of the Night Elves and Tauren. Located west of Maƫlstorm and south-west of Northrend, the continent is probably the one who first, was born and die of great civilizations. It's also where the new home of the orcs, trolls, and draenei is. Since the invasion of the Burning Legion, the Elves retreated to the north, in their new home to Nordrassil, while tauren settled in central Kalimdor, in Mulgore orcs with their new allies.
Kalimdor was a short time of peace, but the increasing activity of the centaurs and the demons to remind everyone that we must fight to survive. Bontinent today is politically divided. Strongly the horde controls the eastern and mid-continent during the night elves (helped by the recent arrival of the Undead) are in the western. Humans, however, retain a fortified port in the Dustwallow Marsh, east of the continent. There you can find most elders and get Elders of Kalimdor.

Four capitals are present in Kalimdor: Darnassus (night elf) Orgrimmar (orc and troll) Thunder Bluff (Tauren) and The Exodar (Draenei) It contains the proceedings of the gates of Ahn Qiraji in Silithus accessible through the Un'Goro Crater to the east. This area is very dangerous. Before the war, the old and the destruction of the Well of Eternity name of the designated Elders of Kalimdor unique and vast continent of Azeroth.

The success of The Elders of Kalimdor is unfortunately not one of the too-exciting tasks in World of Warcraft. For this success must be a total of 21 over the ancestral lands of Kalimdor see scattered. If you play with the English version called the Elder Incidentally, what translated actually means elder. Although the elders not really hard to find because the places where you already have to find success in the stand sometimes you must venture into enemy territory, it hurts anything to know the whereabouts of the ancestors in more detail. Therefore I have compiled all the time coordinates of the elders of Kalimdor.

Not surprisingly, since the areas of Kalimdor and Azeroth have undergone cataclysmic changes, the vanilla instances (lvl 1-60) now offer level ranges different from those we experienced during the old days. This change relates to the mob (monster controlled by the computer) in it but also the objects them dropent. The Elders of Kalimdor is the elder of the moon.