Top 5 Recommended Minecraft 1.1 Mods

After the recent release of Minecraft’s ModLoader 1.1, modders have been updating their mods to Minecraft 1.1 mods. To make their mods compatible to the brand new ModLoader 1.1, modders have to do a slight editing here and there. That slight editing takes time for a few modders, so, responding to that, I decided to put up the currently available, five most important Minecraft 1.1 mods for the sake of your gaming pleasure. The mods for Minecraft 1.1 below are also useful for newbie miners that haven’t play a lot yet to know right from left. Take note that this list is my according to my own experience, feel free to add up your favorite ones along with the mods below.

Before starting to install the mods, make sure you have successfully installed the ModLoader 1.1 and also AudioMod to minimize the chance of failure. All thanks to Risugami for creating such useful and handy mods. Here goes nothing:

Minecraft 1.1 Mods

Minecraft 1.1 Mods

Minecraft Comes Alive!
That is what the mod is called. This “Minecraft Comes Alive” Minecraft 1.1 mods surely do a great deal of things to enrich the atmosphere of Minecraft. NPCs will have their own jobs and roles like priest, farmer, butcher, et cetera. NPCs aren’t anti-socials anymore. You can chat, joke, and give presents to NPC. After flirting enough with a girl NPC, you can marry her and have children as well! And those children you have can do chores and will fight for the sake of their rightful father no matter what. After installing the mod, I guarantee, the world of Minecraft will be much more lively and colorful!

The creator of Millenaire, Kinniken, is indeed genius. The mod Millenaire enables NPCs in your singleplayer world. You won’t be lonely anymore because the villagers will accompany you. NPCs don’t only live and walk around, they work, build villages, and socialize just like a community! You can trade things with NPCs too. They have their own jobs and the work, 24/7 non-stop! Don’t mess with them though, your either your good or bad reputation can spread through their community and they will react according to how you treat them.

Smart Moving
Just like the name, Smart Moving mod gives your character smart moving options. Your miner can no longer just walk, sprint, and climb one block. With this mod installed, your fellow miner can jump and climb up to three blocks high. To add more realism, grabbing and hanging on blocks is also possible. What’s more, your character can swim! No stupid rapid-jumping on water, simply swimming! This is a really great addition to Minecraft!

Finite Liquid
The latest version to be compatible for Minecraft 1.1 mods is version 5.2. To enhance the water physics is this mod’s main objective. Installing this mod will allow water in the game to be more “finite” and real. Water flows down from high surface to lower one, sponges absorb water, and water leakage is rendered possible. It’s going to be great if Mojang can add this kind of feature into the next update of the game

This is one of the awesome Minecraft 1.1 mods out there intended for creative users. With AdventureCraft, you can create your own maps that other people can play. You can edit every single piece of the map including the mobs, spawn time, spawn point, and all things that you can imagine. Thanks to Cryect, the maker of this mod, creating a ghastly scenario of Herobrine is now possible with some effort.

After updating your Minecraft to the latest version and installing the ModLoader, which Minecraft 1.1 mods are you going to install first? Spill out your mind in the comment section!