Minecraft 1.1 Download and ModLoader 1.1

Finally, the first update of the epic pixelated sandbox game of the century has been released. Minecraft 1.1 download and trials can be found all over the internet. The alpha or full game itself has been released since November last year even though the game had received attention and feedbacks in the beta version way long before the full release. Markus Persson is a national hero for creating this game and selling it for less than $30. Minecraft replayability is proven, vast choice, mods, massive online community, and surprising online experiences will make you keep playing the game for a long while. If you have not tried it yet, feel free to try the Minecraft 1.1 download trial version or the classic version legally and freely.

Minecraft 1.1 Download

Minecraft 1.1 download is hot this week. Gamers are already longing for this update. They want to know what Mojang has implemented in the game and they expect surprises alongside astonishment. And of course, gamers also want to see squashed bugs and no more loitering ones in the game. Unfortunately, some Minecraft servers are in maintenance for a week since last week, meaning, they will be back in action any time real soon. Reacting to the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) issues, Mojang has shut down the official website of Minecraft, rendering the website inaccessible. Mojang is joining the worldwide internet protest against SOPA and PIPA. In Mojang.com, a picture is displayed with the words “PIPA AND SOPA? WHAT ABOUT NOPA!”. Sorry if it’s off-topic.

For the changes and updates in the latest version, Mojang has seriously improved the game. Can you imagine the regrowing wool of sheep? Grazing sheep peacefully turning grassland into wasteland? It is too good to be true, man! If you happen to have not updated your Minecraft or can’t play online because of server maintenance or protesting against SOPA and PIPA, reading the major changelog and update note regarding Minecraft 1.1 download below is worth your time anyway:
  • Enchantable bows. Now, you can enchant bows with elements. The elements here are a bit different from other games. There are four bow enchantments available, which are Flame, Power, Infinity, and Punch.
  • Flaming arrows burn entities when hit, making the game slightly more real.
  • Recipe change for Golden Apple. Requires golden nuggets instead of golden blocks. Golden Apples also refill four hunger and regenerate for four seconds.
  • Lots of brand new language translation. There are even fictional language translation like Quenya the high elvish language, Pirate English, and Star Trek language called tlhIngan Hol.
  • Better Biomes color transitions
  • Brewing time reduction from thirty to twenty seconds.
  • Spawn Eggs available in Creative Mode to spawn monsters at your command.
  • Superflat and default world type options
  • Remember the collision box? Now, it is erased from Ladders.
  • Sheep can regrow wool by grazing grass and tall grass, turning them into dirt.
  • Dirt is possible to be used for growing Pumpkins and Melons.
  • Fixed Powered Rail and Sniper Duel achievement bugs.

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If you eager to get the Minecraft 1.1 download, try Softpedia for the trial. Don’t pirate Minecraft 1.1 download, show that you can respect the developer and despise piracy without the need of SOPA and PIPA!