GMS Demon Slayer Skills List and Explanation

This is the Demon Slayer skills article I promised you in the Demon Slayer build guide. Seeing the skills, you will notice a great deal of elements concerning the term “tank”. I mean there are buff skills that increase defense and resistance, area skills, strong attack skills, and many more. The wide array of Demon Slayer skills allow the Demon Slayer to engage in battle with higher level mobs and easier bossing compared to other characters. Below is the list plus description to make you understand what Demon Slayer is capable of when taking full advantage of the Demon Slayer skills:

Demon Slayer Skills

Demon Slayer Skills

Beginner Demon Slayer Skills

Fury Unleashed
The first passive skill among many other Demon Slayer skills is a link skill that can affect other characters in your account. It will grant you 10% extra damage to bosses.

Dark Winds
Dark Winds is a passive ability that enables jumping maneuver of Demon Slayers by using the Devil Wings.

Devil Wings
Devil Wings is Demon Slayer’s most valuable asset even though it sometimes bring annoyance over. The Devil Wings allows you to maneuver-jump along with Dark Winds. You can perform high jump, jag jump, and glide jump with the Devil Wings.

Demonic Blood
Another passive skill concerning your stats. The Demonic Blood running in Demon Slayer’s vein allow him to get extra stats. It will get you +20 Ambition and Willpower also making you immune to knockbacks.

Curse of Fury
Hence, the name, Demon Slayer is cursed with Fury because of his family’s merciless slaughter by the Black Mage. This passive skill has a 5% chance to activate in every attack. When active, the Curse of Fury will net you sweet 5% HP recovery and DF from slayed mobs.
First Job Demon Slayer Skills

Shadow Swiftness
As a Demon Slayer, you are as swift as a shadow when using Demon Slayer skills. This passive skill increases Accuracy, Speed, and Jump. At level 10, Shadow Swiftness adds 200 Accuracy, 25 Speed, and 20 Jump. Very useful to engage raging mobs.

Grim Scythe
The Grim Scythe can be summoned to whack multiple mobs in front of you. Holding the key can lead up to 8 mobs hit, dealing 85% damage thrice at the maximum level.

HP Boost
Simply increase maximum HP permanently. You will get your HP increased by 20% at the max level.

Battle Pact
The Battle Pact consumes both HP and DF, just like most Demon Slayer skills. It will increase the speed of your weapon 2 stages faster and feels like going all-out frenzy. At level 20, the skill will cost you 80 HP and has three minutes duration.

Demon Lash
This is your primary skill to use because it returns some DF after each hit. It can be streak-used up to four times. The maximum level can deal up to 380% damage to 6 enemies after hitting the fourth hit, making it a powerful skill.

Second Job Demon Slayer Skills

Dark Thrust
This skill enables your Demon Slayer to charge towards the enemies, dragging multiple mobs along. At level 20, Dark Thrust is capable of inflicting 105% damage thrice.

Chaos Lock
Chaos Lock is basically used to teleport around the map plus stunning targets. Mastering Chaos Lock can add 90% chance to stun up to 6 targets for 3 seconds and dealing 305% damage.

Soul Eater
Soul Eater is like a gravity force. In exchange for 45 HP, pulling up to 8 mobs close and dealing 150% damage at maximum level. 

Weapon Mastery
Leveling up this skill will increase the accuracy and strength of one-handed weapon and axes. You can get additional +120 Accuracy and +50 Mastery at level 20.

Soul Eater is a tanking skill. Using this buff can return up to 400% damage back to the attacker plus 90% paralyze chance at the maximum level.

Barbed Lash
This skill permanently strengthen your Demon Lash and mighten it. The passive skill increase Demon Lash’s strength by 40%.

Another passive skill capable of increasing the attack and critical rate of your Demon Slayer. At level 20, adds 25 attack and 25% critical rate.

Physical Training
Training your physic increases your power. Maximizing this passive skill will grant you +30 dexterity and strength.

Third Job Demon Slayer Skills

Vortex of Doom
Another one of many stun-inducing Demon Slayer skills. At level 20, has 90% chance to stun mobs for 5 seconds, dealing 190% damage to up to 10 enemies.

The judgement of a Demon Slayer is deadly. Dealing 300% damage and has a 40% chance to score critical hit to 10 enemies at max level. 300 HP is consumed upon casting this skill. 

Carrion Breath
A Demon Slayer’s breath is foul. So foul that it can poison targets. Holding the key button allows your breath to poison up to 8 enemies and dealing 169% damage.

Raven Storm
Demon Slayer can summon angered, furious ravens to rain down hell to enemies. Up to 170% damage to 8 enemies can be dealt along with 40% HP recover using this skill at level 20.

Black-Hearted Strength
The black heart of a Demon Slayer gives hard defense and resistance to its owner. This buff increases defense by 100%, status resistance to 80%. And elemental resistance by 80% at maximum level for 3 minutes in trade with 200 HP.

Focused Fury
Focus your fury to strengthen your power and speed. At maximum level, Focused Fury gives a permanent extra 25% damage and increased speed. 

Possessed Aegis
Add 30% chance to guard enemies’ attack. Success in guarding recovers your HP and DF slightly. Just what you need to tank against bosses along with other Demon Slayer skills.

Insult to Injury
This passive skill increases your damage against enemies with status ailments. Adds 15% more damage and critical rate against enemies with more than one status ailments at level 15.

Max Fury
Using Demon Lash will add 75% chance to absorb DF and recover 10 DF every 4 seconds after.

Demon Lash Arch
Add extra 80% damage to Demon Lash.

Fourth Job Demon Slayer Skills

Infernal Concussion
The roar of the Demon Slayer can call upon eruption from below, grilling multiple enemies above and 100% critical damage to flying enemies.

Demon Thrash
This is Demon Lash’s final power upgrade. Extra 160% damage. 

Binding Darkness
The Dark Bind can knockout enemies and deal damage ignoring a certain percent of enemies’ defense, both mobs and bosses. Deals 900% damage to 15 enemies at maximum level.

Demon Impact
Awaken the true demon to boost your critical chance and to ignore a certain percent of enemies’ defense. At level 30, deals 400% damage with 50% 

Dark Metamorphosis
Summons 2 spectral bodyguards to your service. Cost 300 HP and increase your max HP by 20%.

Demon Cry
Release the demon inside you to intimidate enemies and enpower the Demon Slayer. Trade 500 HP for 210% damage and inflict -15% damage to the targets’ defense and accuracy while increasing your own exp rate also drop rate by 20% at max level.

Boundless Rage
Deplete your DF to transform yourself to a berserk Demon Slayer and allowing all DF-based skill to be free of charge for a short amount of time. Maximizing the level will enable a half minute of blazing rage.

Barricade Mastery
Master the way of the one-handed weapons. Adds additional 70% mastery, +30 attack, and +15% minimum critical damage at max level.

Leech Aura
The Leech Aura enables every blow you land on enemies to heal you. At max level, 3% of the damage you inflicted at the enemies will be transformed to HP back to you and your party members for 3 minutes. 

Obsidian Skin
Enhance your defense capabilities permanently. At max level, it decreases every damage you take by 20%.

Maple Warrior
This is the last buff of the Demon Slayer skills. Eats 500 HP in exchange for 15% extra to all of your stats and your party members’ for 15 minutes.

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