Pros and Cons: MapleStory Demon Slayer

The MapleStory Demon Slayer that you have been waiting for so long was finally officially released for the global version of MapleStory on the 11th of January 2012! The release of MapleStory Demon Slayer following the release Cannoneer and Mercedes along with the Legends update for global MapleStory a few weeks ago. Actually, the Legends update has been released in Korea nearly half a year ago while the MapleStory Demon Slayer was released exactly on the 8th of August 2011 in Korea. This character’s release completely wrapped the Legends update.

MapleStory Demon Slayer was actually a loyal servant of the Black Mage long time ago. He was one of the Black Wing generals and one of the most feared underlings of the Black Mage. He obeyed the Black Mage and did everything he ordered him to. Until some point, the Black Mage had grown too powerful and became an absolute ruler that dictates. One day in an army meeting, the Black Mage ordered his generals and armies to destroy every last bit of the world, including the Demon Slayer’s hometown where his family lived in. He insisted, but that did not change anything. He is too late because his family had already become crispy corpses.

Filled with anger and fury, he charged to the Temple of Time to slay the Black Mage in the name of his deceased family. Before he could spar with the Black Mage, one of the Black Wing generals named Arkarium blocked his way and commenced a fight with him. In the midst of the battle, the Black Mage appeared and allowed Demon Slayer to enter his chamber. The face-off ended so quickly because the Black Mage was far too powerful for a mere Black Wing general like him to handle. He ended up poorly-sealed in an egg until hundred years later he regained his consciousness and broke out of the egg to avenge his family’s death. Seeing the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the Resistance recruited him because they serve the same purpose.

MapleStory Demon Slayer is totally unique, I mean, how can a character does not have any MP at all? Demon Slayer uses Demon Fury instead of MP. It is acquired from attacking enemies. The Demon Fury essence is essential to perform skills. This character is categorized as a warrior type character from the resistance that favors one-handed axes and maces. Demon Slayer’s unique weapon are called scepters. This character has to equip a special shield called Force Shield to raise his defense and Demon Fury, that is the reason why a Demon Slayer is a whole lot better using one-handed weapons. Without the shield, your Demon Fury will drop to ten points, disabling all your skills. His high HP is used for tanking and skills. Yeah, some skills require blood sacrifice and fury. It is one of the most frowned characters because it starts at level ten, just like Mercedes.

So, here is the pros and cons of using Demon Slayer:

MapleStory Demon Slayer

MapleStory Demon Slayer

  • Level head start just like Mercedes.
  • Demon Fury is really helpful in fights compared to MP because you don’t have to mind it since it rarely runs out.
  • Good tanking and bossing character due to its high HP and defense also the supporting defense-oriented skills even though the main stat is strength and dexterity.
  • You will be richer since you won’t need any mana potions.
  • Cool appearance with black, tattered wings and Gothic aristocrat-like costume.

  • Nothing can refill the Demon Fury other than special skills and attacks.
  • Demon Fury will not grow longer with level ups, the Demon Fury capacity is tied to the Force Shield that will increase by gaining new Force Shields every job advancement.
  • Scepters cannot be traded.
  • There is no buffs or items that increase Demon Fury neither permanently nor temporarily.
  • Even though it is cool, the wings can sometimes prove to be obstructive and annoying.
Want to try it? MapleStory Demon Slayer is very interesting because of the exclusive Demon Fury system. Be sure to try it!