Demon Slayer Guide and Video

So, the popular Demon Slayer release a few days back was really successful. This leads to higher demand of Demon Slayer guide. Don’t you worry guys, I’m here at your service to provide you the Demon Slayer guide. I think, this guide is better to be called build or skill guide, but come on, every MapleStory character guide is actually about builds and skills. Okay, crawling to the Demon Slayer guide right now.

You have to be familiar first with the unique, excIusive system called the Demon Fury that replaces the MP. Demon Slayer is the first class without MP. The Demon Fury does not recharge by using items or idly-standing (at least until you learned the high-end skills), it can be recharged by attacking enemies using a skill called Demon Lash and also high-level passive skills. It depends on HP so much because most of his attack require blood sacrifice. I think using the Demon Slayer proves to be quite a challenge around level thirty to level seventy. The skill is not getting way better and what worse is, most of the attacks consume HP and DF when the DF capacity won’t go up before equipping a new Force Shield from job advancement. That is enough to convince you the need of a Demon Slayer guide, right?

Basically, the high stats are strength and dexterity because it is a warrior class in the resistance faction. But, I highly recommend you to solely focus the strength stats and ignore the dexterity if possible. Otherwise, you can still increase the dexterity, but try not to get it past forty points or your Demon Slayer won’t do any good. Note that there are only four Force Shields in the game, which can be leveled up by usage. Okay then, step-by-step instruction:

Demon Slayer Guide

Demon Slayer Guide

Demon Slayer guide - First Job Advancement
  • At the start of the game at level 10, Demon Slayers have five points to spend instead of one. Spend it to level up Demon Lash by three points and spend the other one into Grim Scythe.
  • Next, grind experiences and as soon as you level up and get points, spend every last one of them into Battle Pact, but not more than six points.
  • Max out your Shadow Swiftness level after getting the Battle Pact to level six.
  • Spend your points for the sake of maximizing Demon Lash and Battle Pact level.
  • Spend your hard-earned points for Grim Scythe and then continue to increase your maximum HP for better bossing experience.

Demon Slayer guide - Second Job Advancement
Now, you will get a quest that requires you to go back to Edelstein. Go left two maps from Concrete Road: Edelstein Park 2 and slaughter the purple cat. Upon slaughtering the cat, you will be transported to somewhere where you can complete the quest given by the cat and advance to the second job.
  • First thing first, add one point to every offensive skill.
  • Then, continue leveling up Soul Eater along with Vengeance and Outrage.
  • After that, max out Soul Eater since you will be spamming this skill to decimate the enemies in your way like a magnet pulling iron nails.
  • Don’t forget to maximize the Mastery skill to strengthen your base attack.
  • Spend the points into Outrage to the max.
  • Physical Training can increase your Demon Slayer’s strength, so, max it out asap!
  • Max out Dark Thrust to help you raid monsters like Jesters and Scare Crows.
  • Trash your last points into Chaos Lock because it is not really useful other than for faster way of approaching enemies. Your Chaos Lock will be at level 13 at the end of the second job.

Demon Slayer guide - Third Job Advancement
Another job from the pestering cat. Simply defeat her in human form to complete the job advancement quest and receive your brand new bling-bling Force Shield.  
  • Spread your skill points to Carrion Breath, Vortex of Doom, and Judgement.
  • After that, level up Raven Storm and other two Fury skills.
  • Maximize the Max Fury to recover Fury faster than ever.
  • Power up the Carrion Breath for the combo starter.
  • After that, increase Focus Fury to increase all attacks’ damage.
  • To better suit your Demon Slayer, level up the Black-Hearted Strength to get higher defense and resistance.
  • Possessed Aegis at maximum level is your next objective. It will help the Demon Slayer to dodge enemies’ attacks.
  • To increase damage output, level-up Insult to Injury.
  • Level up all the way until your Raven Storm maxes out.
  • Start giving points to Judgement after level 109.Don’t worry about the remaining points, trash it into the Vortex of Doom and it will reach level 18.

Demon Slayer guide - Fourth Job Advancement
You will get another quest from the cat asking you to slay your past self. After that, you will be awarded a Force Shield as a proof of job advancement.
  • Add one point to every skill other than Boundless Rage.
  • Work on to max Dark Metamorphosis and Barricade Mastery to enhance all damage to the max.
  • To lessen the need to use potions, level up the Leech Aura buff.
  • Now, add your points to Demon Impact as our high-end primary attack.
  • Increase your effectiveness in bossing by increasing Binding Darkness, Threaten, and Magic Crash.
  • Finally, it’s the time to max Boundless Rage to strengthen your Demon Impact.
  • Max the Maple Warrior passive skill to further increase the damage per second.
  • Work on Demon Cry to the max and continue to level up Obsidian Skin for the sake of bossing.
  • And the last, add the remaining points to Hero Will and continue adding it into Infernal Concussion. Infernal Concussion can get only as far as level 22.

Included in this Demon Slayer guide, some effective leveling and grinding zones that can be seen in the video below. Thanks to coppersan for the awesome guides!

Demon Slayer Guide Video

The Demon Slayer guide here is not a “must” to get an effective Demon Slayer. You can always modify the points spread in this Demon Slayer guide to suit your needs.