Project Fiona - The Dream Come True

The gamers can feel the excitement regarding this breakthrough. Razer, the well-recognized and leading brand in gaming hardware will release The Project Fiona on final quarter in 2012. What is The Project Fiona? It is gaming tablet PC which will surpass the limitation of playing games in tablet PC. This hardware will answer the expectation from all gamers around the globe.

As they have announced their project in CES (Consumer Electronic Association) 2012 in Las Vegas, U.S.A. Project Fiona got The People’s Choice Awards. However, Razer coupled Microsoft as their partner in developing this hardware. For processor, it will use high end processor, Intel Core 7. For processor, it will use high end processor third generation, Ivybridge, Intel Core 7.

With excellent interface, it will be built in 10.1 inch touch screen with resolution of 1280 x 800 pixel like common tablet PC. It will be operated using Windows 8 as the OS. To enhance the gaming function, it will be supported by integrated dual controller including ultra precision thumbstick analogue, top buttons, 3-axis gyro, magnetometer, accelerometer, triggers and forcer feedback. For sounds, it will use THX-certified Dolby 7.0 Home Theater which will “rock on” the user and feel the real gaming experience! To enabling online and network games, it also attached with WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and bluetooth 3.0 for data transfer.

Project Fiona

Project Fiona

This product will target only on niche segment. This segment is simply still unexploited and can be the cash cow for Razer to expand their business more. Project Fiona is specialized for gamers and become the first mover in its type. As many of limitation and dissatisfied of game lover, this stuff might be their pain reliever. It have certain purpose and market segment, Project Fione is predicted to penetrate easily into the market. Moreover this market can be categorized as blue ocean which the competitors like Samsung and Apple have not entered yet!

Like ancient words “no pain no gain”. Razer took years in developing Project Fiona. Its R&D budget also had been estimated reached millions dollar. Yet, this “pain” will get the “gain” for sure! Some expert predicted that Project Fiona will get great response from its user which mostly are gamers. Razer also has big opportunity to invite a lot of game developers to participate in their project. Finally their investment will reach on break even point in just 3 years.

As the inventor and also developer, Razer believes that The Project Fiona will break the boundaries between Tablet PC and gaming purpose. This project is designed with considering human factors like user ergonomic research. This hardware in its development also been tested by top gamers who knows well how the perfect game console is look like.

Razer planned to release The Project Fiona on the fourth quarter of 2012 with around US$ 1000 for its price. The price is fair enough as consider from the feature and technology offered. This game console is specially designed for gamers whom want to get real gaming experience using Tablet PC. Razer‘s Project Fiona such like treasure which desired by all gamers around the world and finally their dream come true.