Top 5 MapleStory Private Servers List

MapleStory is a great MMORPG indeed. Playing in MapleStory private servers will maximize your fun and experience because it rids problems like excessively high number of online players that bore us out. Hackers are sitting on every corner of the official server in the game too. Sometimes, you feel the insecurity when playing MapleStory. Hackers are trying to snatch your years of hard work away from you, noobs are ruining your daily fun plans, and overpowered players kill the fun out of the game. Instead of getting frustrated, try the MapleStory private servers.

In the MapleStory private servers, you can find less player compared to official servers, but not too quiet. It is crowded enough to be fun. There are also status edits like increasing rates of drops, experiences, and mesos. Alternatively, private server can act as your therapy server from the dangerous and rough life of the official servers. I will make sure the list below contains best of the best private servers that give you the most secure service and protection also game edits and tweaks that will surely boost your fun meter and deplete your stress level:

Top 5 MapleStory Private Servers

MapleStory Private Servers

Intrinsic Networks Private Servers
Intrinsic Networks is currently hosting two private servers just for you. The two servers are ArcaneMS and CrypticSEA. I guarantee you that the servers are handled professionally that you won’t feel any difference between the official servers and Intrinsic Networks’ servers except for the fun that the server gives more.

The CrypticSEA server offers you MapleSEA game with improvements here and there. The rates are as written below:
  • Mesos  = 20X
  • Exp = 20X
  • Drop = 5X

Those rates will keep you occupied for sometimes and it is not too high to make your playthroughs end so quickly. The CrypticSEA server also includes different PvP system. There are also the Profession and Maker system. Intrinsic Networks work hard that the server it hosted also brings new custom quests not found in the official server. To know the basics, when you enter the CrypticSEA, use the @help. There are hundreds of player in this private server.

On the other hand, Intrinsic Networks ArcaneMS is one of the most popular and well-administered MapleStory private servers. There are nearly 1000 players online everyday. The rates are 12X exp, 12X mesos, and 3X drops. There is a minimum number of hackers and stricter admins that keep the game playable and un-exploited.

This MapleStory private servers put its rates first as one of the attraction points. Rates:
  • Exp = 1000X
  • Mesos = 250X
  • Drops = 3X

The server is quite quiet, there are less than fifty people online in the game via the server now. Nevertheless, there are awesome features of this server:
  • Tetris system
  • New commands
  • Customized rare drops
  • Sparkling new strong bosses
  • All-in-one shop

This private server also has extreme rates. Exp rate at 1200X, Mesos rate at 600X, and drop rates at 10X! To level up to level 200, you won’t need two years of non-stop grinding, you can reach it in only about a day full of grinding.

ForestStory support is great, fast responses. There are also daily events and player ranking system. To keep this awesome private server, donation is required. However, donators get extra unique gifts as a way of showing gratitude. Usually, there is about a hundred players online in a time.

ForeverMS does not have extraordinary rates, but it has exceptional exclusive features like:
  • Semi All-In-One shop
  • Custom items
  • FM Mobs
  • Daily and Seasonal Events
  • Unlimited Buff
  • Lag-free server

This MapleStory private server is not really popular though. There are less than 100 players in the server.

The name is cool just like the official website. Exp and Meso Rate are more insane compared to other private servers. The drop rate is not very different though, which is at 5X. Exp rate at 2000X, Mesos rate at 1000X.

Quite popular, about hundreds of player online everyday. It is interesting because there are custom new bosses and quests.

So, which MapleStory private server do you want to play in?