Legend Update : MapleStory Cannoneer Guide

People needs MapleStory Cannoneer guide so much because it is considered a new class that still holds mystery waiting to be solved. Cannoneer class came on the 7th of December 2011 from MapleStory’s latest update, Legend, along with 2 other new classes, Mercedes and Daemon Slayer. The Legend update also brings new weapons to the Maplesea, which are Sceptres, Dual Bows, and Hand Cannons. Cannoneer is the third branch of Pirate Adventurer’s second job advancement. I’ll take you to the MapleStory Cannoneer guide.

Let’s start with MapleStory Cannoneer guide overview. Okay, so this is the job advancement path you are going to take :

MapleStory Cannoneer Guide

MapleStory Cannoneer Guide

Beginner - Pirate – Cannoneer – Cannon Trooper – Cannon Master

- Now let’s get to work. This is the first step of MapleStory Cannoneer Guide. When you start the game, just kindly accept all kinds of quests you are given on Maple Island and you will get to level 10 in no time. Immediately go talk to Kyrin in Nautilus Port to become a Pirate.

- Time to focus on leveling to level 30 for the next job advancement. You have a lot of choice on where to grind for levels. To level up from level 11-20, it is easier just by doing job beginner quests. In the end, you’ll get Grocell hat (12 Dex) and you’ll get to 2x level range. But if the quests seem to be hard, you can try slashing Mushrooms and Blue Pigs. They can be found near Nautilus Harbor. You can try the Rotting Skeletons in the Haunted House too. Get to the chimney in Foyer and enter the first portal going up. They will give you 74 experiences per dead skeleton. Now to get to higher levels, you have to change the grinding object. From level 21-30, try to play some smack-down with Zombie Lupins. This monkey-shaped monster will give you decent experience. Another alternative, is to battle the Mixed Golems or Stone Golems. Even though they seem to be strong, they can be slayed by level 20s and 30s because they got their mojo taken in the Big Bang update. The next part of this MapleStory Cannoneer guide is about AP-spending.

Simply spend all AP you got on the strength stat because dexterity will follow up easily on level ups. You will get around 69 dexterity on level 70 while spending all of your hard-earned AP on strength. Make sure the final result on level 30 will be like this : Cannon Blaster Level 20, Blast Back Level 15, Cannon Boost Level 10, Cannon Strike Level 16. Cannon Strike is not really essential because it will be replaced when you become a Cannoneer. Cannon Blaster will also be replaced so you can leave it at level 16 if you want and max Blast Back because it will be very important later on.

Now that you have reached level 30, time to visit Miss Kyrin again! She will be prompted to complete quests before you can be a Cannoneer. These are the places where you can train your cannoneer in from level 31 to 40 : Kerning Square Quests or Mushroom Kingdom Quests. From level 41 to 50 : complete Nett’s Pyramid Party Quests or exterminate Ratz and Black Ratz in Eos Tower. Level 51-60 : Nett’s Pyramid Party Quests or shoot Dead Scarecrows in Haunted House. 61-70 : Obviously, crush the Twisted Jesters in Haunted House, don’t forget to use your maxed out Blast Back skill on it for easier kill.

Yeah, that’s it, MapleStory Cannoneer guide. Now you dig? Absolutely!