How to be a Better Teammate in Battlefield 3

Have you ever played a round of Rush with some noobs? Sometimes they are really annoying because of their crappy performance. But in other times, there are teams of noobs that never loses. Trimming your kill/death ratio in Team Deathmatch, blowing up M-COMs with no prior notice in Rush, taking bases and bullying a team full of colonels in Conquest . On the other hand, maybe you have met some high-rank dude, with the shiny bird-shaped badge with numbers next to his name on the scoreboard. Then you got into a gunfight with him and he successfully made you took a bullet in the knee. But on the end of the round, you found out that his team lost to yours again and again even though he was the MVP (Most Valuable Peanut) in every round that made every single bastard on the opposing team took a bullet in the knee. You finally realized that taking a bullet in the knee is much better than spree-killing enemies without giving a damn to your teammates. No doubt we have the guide to prevent you becoming those disgraceful molesters. Or monsters? Or maybe monster molesters? Ah, whatever.

How to be a Better Teammate in Battlefield 3

Teammate in Battlefield 3

You were in a middle of Rush in Operation Metro. There were only five respawn tickets remaining. Luckily, you managed to be the only guy that safely reached the last M-COM without taking any bullet in the knee and your squadbuddies were all dead. When you were scoping it to make sure it was safe enough to arm, you happened to see the butt of a machine gunner, prone, trying so hard to deploy his LMG Bipod. Even though he faced the opposite direction and it were safe enough to arm, you shifted the priority and decided to gut the poor guy instead of arming the M-COM. When you were walking to him, suddenly something went boom and the last thing you remember were a troll teabagging your corpse and “Your Team Lost” on your screen. SO PUT THE OBJECTIVES FIRST!

Don’t Blow your Job!
Okay so we are talking about how not to blow your job. Not how to blow a job, got it? Everyone has their own roles depending on what job they chose before respawning. If you chose to be a Medic, do your job properly! Give medpacks if you bring it and quickly defibrillate your crippled good-for-nothing mates (Yeah, they’re not dead yet. Period.). Wanna spray bullets with the LMG? Don’t be a stingy old geezer, come on share some ammo! Fellow engineers, don’t forget to repair tanks, jeeps, choppers, jets, some broken old TVs, pretty much everything you can repair. Don’t be a pussy when you see a tank, screw them with your lovely rocket launcher! Now, for Recon guys. Before you go to a camping picnic, place the T-UGS and Spawn Beacon for your teammates. And more importantly to ensure that you are not going to get teabagged from behind. See? It’s not so hard to do your destined job!

Remember the Basics!
Before advancing to the pro level, a noob has to master the basics. So what are the basics? The most important is spotting. Press Q on PC, “SELECT” on PS3, or “BACK” on XBOX to spot. Spotted enemies have a little red dot over their heads and visible in the minimap. So, when you see an enemy, be sure to spot him before killing him, just in case you failed to make holes on his body, your teammates could finish your job. Hey, spam-pressing the spot button is legal! And remember don’t go trigger happy when you are shooting long-range target, instead, burst your weapon or change the fire type to single shot or burst fire.

Doing those things really help your team and your scores. You can get a lotta points for assists and supports (3R : Revive, Resupply, Repair). Just make sure you don’t call when you are on a duty.