Blood Legion Guild Reaction to Recent Guild Bans

Blood Legion is a top-notch clan in the realm (server) Illidan. This overpowered guild consists of over-the-top elites and professional. The guild ranked up number one on the server’s guild rank this time. The server itself is a PvP type server (Player versus Player) and it is one of the original servers. It means that Illidan went live on the same day as World of Warcraft, that was November 23rd, 2004. There are a lot of guilds in the realm, but the there are three guilds that catches the most eyes. They are Warpath on Alliance also Angry and Blood Legion on Horde.

There are things that Blood Legion has done to make the clan notorious enough to be the top ranker. Their first amazing achievement was chopping and slaughtering Arthas The Lich King in 10 men normal difficulty the first time in the whole world, changing how the fountain in Dalaran, Tirion looked like. It was about more than a year ago. Their latest achievement is butt-kicking Ultraxion 25 men and of course the first time in the world. They have released the video of Ultraxion execution on their website. You can see how crazy that was, rumbling Ultraxion.

Blood Legion vs World First 25 Heroic Ultraxion

Now, people all over the world argue about whether Blood Legion deserves the first place or not. It is because of recent bans. Since Blizzard released the update patch 4.3, some of the top guilds from Europe took advantage of LFR exploit. The exploit gave many guild members full tier bonus. And guess what, on 12th of December 2011 Blizzard began the ban wave for players that exploit the LFR. But Blizzard thinks that banning player is not enough. They even decided to strip the LFR gear off them. Method, For the Horde, and Paragon are the guilds affected by the gear stripping. Some of them got banned for full eight days.

And when those guilds are caged for now, Blood Legion is still roaming Illidan freely. They ignored the temptation of exploiting LFR. And because of that, Blood Legion got an early head start to raid some monster. That was the reason that there are still debates on the internet relating to the bans and Blood Legion being a number one raid guild in Illidan.

Blood Legion

Blood Legion

Despite what everyone says about them, a Blood Legion guild member, Dimitri reacted following Europe guilds ban. The video shows Dimitri in a nightclub and being interviewed. He says that the guild is trying so hard to win, but the Europe guilds always beat them, then the interviewer asked Dimitri about the eight days ban of Europe guilds and hearing that, Dimitri danced all the way along with the music! Wow it is like EPIC!! You should try to watch the video on youtube it is just too EPIC to be true!

Now, you think you are a capable World of Warcraft player and you want to join the guild. Well, they are now opening recruitment. The requirements stated from the website are : reasonable raiding experience (6/7 heroic Firelands), raiding professions, and of course up-to-date gears from the latest tier of content to be able to follow the Blood Legion’s pace.

*Source: Blood Legion