Cicero, Cicero, Weird Cicero

Cicero is a troublesome non-player character in Skyrim. He is an imperial that serves the Dark Brotherhood. Cicero is a loyal Imperial assassin and he multitask as the Keeper of the Dark Brotherhood. He devout his entire life serving the Night Mother, the leader of the Dark Brotherhood. It is said that the Night Mother is the wife of Sithis, the Serpent God of Entropy. Cicero is often heard and seen talking to himself (actually not, he is talking to the Night Mother), people in Skyrim notices him as a freak, mad, troubling weirdo. He even wears the full jester costume everywhere. Well, his voice is high-pitched, and with all the descriptions, maybe the title “Mad Clown” suits him right. Before I start talking about this Cicero dude, it is best to tell you that there will be some spoiler in the next paragraph. Read at your own risk!



Cicero is troublesome because he often pits you in a dilemma-tic situation with decisions to take. You can find Cicero the first time on some road on Whiterun’s north, close to Loreius Farm. He is spotted carrying a coffin in a wagon that he claims to be the coffin of his “mother”. When you talk to him in that road, stranded with his wagon, he will give you a quest called “Delayed Burial”. Cicero will ask you to convince Vantus, a local farmer, to fix his wagon because he refused Cicero’s request. Then, when you meet Vantus in his farm, he will speak ill of Cicero. He won’t help Cicero because he is suspicious about him and his cargo, he thinks the cargo contains Skooma or maybe three and a half kilograms of Meth. Other than that, Cicero acts oddly and Vantus bet a hundred bucks that Cicero is not a law-abiding citizen. He instead suggests that you report his suspicion to a nearby patrol guard and arrest the jester.

Here comes some dilemma. Before you proceed with either of the choices, it is absolutely recommended to look for the after-result of each choice. If you chose to be a hero that saves the day and reported it to a guard nearby, Cicero would be caught and Vantus will reward you with golds. But poor Vantus, he would be dead in 24 hours for messing with Cicero and the jester will be angry to you when you join the Dark Brotherhood. Otherwise, if you chose to help Cicero, guaranteed with cash back that no one will be harmed and the jester will take a liking to you when you join the Dark Brotherhood.

In the quest “Cure for Madness”, you will find yourself in between hard choices. At the quest’s end, you will find Cicero wounded. And you can choose whether to take his life or not. Killing him will allow you to get his equipment, “Cicero” set and a dagger. Selling it will net you 4644 Gold. But if you choose to let him live his sad life, he will be your devout follower. His skill is not much different from other initiates of the Dark Brotherhood. The great thing about having Cicero as your follower is, he will sometimes shout some nonsense jokes!

If you want to try to be the “Mad Clown” by equipping the “Jester” equipment set, you can find it on a table inside the Dawnstar sanctuary where the wounded jester lies. The Weird Cicero sure is weird, isn’t him?