Minecraft 1.1 Server Top List

After the first update of the full retail version of Minecraft, people have been searching for a good Minecraft 1.1 server to play in. Even though Minecraft 1.1 has been released more than a week ago, there are still some Minecraft 1.1 servers that still live in the previous version. Fortunately, most of the featured online servers have upgraded their servers to the latest 1.1 version and available to enter. In this article, I will list crowded and good Minecraft 1.1 servers plus description to help you choose which server you want to play in.

Before advancing to Minecraft 1.1 servers list, I want to tell you about the game modes just in case some of you are newbies. Otherwise, just scroll down to the next paragraph. Originally, there are six game modes for multiplayer Minecraft 1.1 servers. This includes Survival, Classic, PvP, Roleplaying, and Challenge.

The primary aim of survival games is to survive. To survive, you have to deal with lots of things such as hunger, the environment, and even vile players. In the survival mode, Minecraft shows its best capability. We can trade, fight monsters with other miners to survive, build a community, kill other player for loots, we can do just about every hedonistic things you can imagine. The important point is to find shelter before the sun sets. You won’t know what’s coming for you in the pitch black night.

Classic mode is often called Creative mode. You can build anything you want, freely, without any objectives. There is no rule in this game, except for most servers, grieving are strictly forbidden.

In PvP servers, battle among players are frantically happening. Looting corpses, pulling tricks, and other vile things. There are  normal PvP servers that forbid the use of grieving and there are some hardcore servers that fully allow grieving.

This kind of game is very popular lately. Upon entering the server, we have to choose or be chosen a role in the world. Either as a cook, smith, farmer, or others. To roleplay, you have to have experience in the game and good teamwork to work on building the society from scratch and defending it from any harm.

Although seems to be rare, challenge is fun. You are given a challenge in the game like surviving in the wild without any equipment, sealed in a small room, living underwater, and other insane challenges.

Now for the Minecraft 1.1 servers list:

Minecraft 1.1 Servers

Minecraft 1.1 Servers

ShadowRaze server is really popular, considering thousands of likes it received. Currently, ShadowRaze is running a survival server with various mods installed. You can interact with other players by selling, buying, or trading things. You are allowed to make towns and villages with your friends. PvE and PvP is possible in the server and of course with rules applied like no grieving and cheating. To join the server, type in mc.shadowraze.net

The Betterverse
The Betterverse hosts two servers. It is based on the survival game mode along with plugins installed and little rules. In the Betterverse, more realistic game can be engaged. Theft, destruction, raids, murder, all kinds of bitter acts of vileness can be done in this server. You have to put some effort to protect your home and your town. There is also economic and politics system in the Minecraft 1.1 server. Go to betterverse.net to enter the server.

War of Worlds
There are three servers available to play in. This server is notorious because of its lag-free feature up to 600 players. You can set shops and do all kinds of things that you can usually do in Minecraft. It uses the economy system alongside grief protection. The best thing about this server is zombies! These are the three servers’ address: play.lost-servers.com, bloodheroes.net, voice.lost-servers.com:4058. Take note that the server is currently offline by the time I finished writing this article.

If you want more recommended list of Minecraft 1.1 servers, please just request by writing a comment or two. Keep your eyes open for the latest gaming news in Just for Gamer!