Skyrim Atronach Forge Recipes

Skyrim Atronach Forge is one of the most useful features in the game. Using the Skyrim Atronach Forge similar to Oblivion’s Atronach Altar, you can craft items like armors, weapons, staves, and hearts. Summoning atronachs and Dremora is also possible. The forge is said to be a legendary Daedric artifact that was made by the  Dwemer. It is located secretly underground, beneath the Winterhold College in a place called The Midden.

Character with high conjuration skill can unlock the maximum effectiveness of Skyrim Atronach Forge. For Daedric equipments forging such as armors and weapons, a Sigil Stone is required. The Sigil Stone can be obtained by completing the quest called Conjuration Ritual Spell given by Phinis Gestor that requires level 90 Conjuration. The quest itself is not very hard, your job is to beat and convince a Dremora a few times. Upon finishing the quest, you will be given the Sigil Stone.

Skyrim Atronach Forge

Skyrim Atronach Forge

Before using Skyrim Atronach Forge, it is essential to know how it works. The Skyrim Atronach Forge consists of  an offering box, a setting, and a switch. First, put in the ingredients inside the offering box and pull the switch. Then, the result of the offering will spawn on the setting. Recipes can be looted from Conjurers, but they are unreadable since they are written in Daedric words. That is the reason for a recipe list to be needed so that you won’t be wasting your items randomly experimenting things. If you run out of ingredients, check up the nearest alchemy shop or try Enthir in the Winterhold College. Be careful that every living creature summoned with the Skyrim Atronach Forge is hostile and will attack at first sight without hesitating at all. Anyway, these are the recipes:

  • Storm Atronach - Amethyst, Void Salts
  • Frost Atronach -  Sapphire Frost Salts
  • Flame Atronach - Ruby, Fire Salts
  • Dremora - Sigil Stone, Skull, Daedra Heart, any meat (raw)

  • Staff of the Storm Atronach - Broom, Orichalcum Ingot, Void Salts, Greater Soul Gem
  • Staff of the Frost Atronach - Broom, Refined Moonstone, Frost Salts, Greater  Soul Gem
  • Staff of the Flame Atronach - Broom, Corundum Ingot, Fire Salts, Greater Soul Gem

  • Scroll of Conjure Storm Atronach - Roll of Paper, Charcoal, Void Salts
  • Scroll of Conjure Flame Atronach - Roll of Paper, Charcoal, Fire Salts
  • Scroll of Conjure Frost Atronach - Roll of Paper, Charcoal, Frost Salts

  • Conjure Storm Atronach - Ruined Book, Deathbell, Mammoth Tusk, Void Salts
  • Conjure Frost Atronach - Ruined Book, Frost Mirriam, Ice Wolf Pelt, Frost Salts
  • Conjure Flame Atronach - Ruined Book, Dragon’s Tongue, Bear Pelt, Fire Salts
  • Soul Trap - Ruined Book, Torchbug Thorax, Salt Pile, Soul Gem

  • Void Salts - Salt Pile, Amethyst, Soul Gem
  • Frost Salts - Salt Pile, Sapphire, Soul Gem
  • Fire Salts - Salt Pile, Ruby, Soul Gem
  • Daedra Heart - Sigil Stone, Human Heart, Black Soul Gem
  • Conjurer’s Elixir - Empty Wine Bottle, Ectoplasm, Soul Gem

Daedric Equipments
  • Random Daedric weapon - Sigil Stone, Daedra Heart, Silver Sword, Ebony Ingot, Soul Gem (Grand Soul)
  • Random Daedric Armor - Sigil Stone, Daedra Heart, Void Salts, Ebony Ingot, Soul Gem (Grand Soul)
  • Daedric weapon - Sigil Stone, Ebony weapon (the type you want), Daedra Heart, Centurion Dynamo Core, Black Soul Gem
  • Daedric Armor - Sigil Stone, Ebony armor (the type you want), Daedra Heart, Centurion Dynamo Core, Black Soul Gem

Handy list, right? Skyrim Daedric Forge can be used to mine cash too. Making the Daedric Warhammer and selling it will net you more than a thousand and a half coins. Don’t forget to save the list just in case you forget.