Minecraft Texture Packs – Age of HD

Minecraft is pure awesomeness. A game worth to be called the mighty pixelated sandbox of the century. Since it is already 2012, Minecraft texture packs are common things. This texture packs are heavily-searched and demanded all over the internet to emphasize the fun experience and modification of Minecraft. Lately, HD Minecraft texture packs are very popular. Gamers are looking for a better looking Minecraft while still maintaining the unique pixelated style. The HD version I am talking about is not like 720p HD or something like that. Any Minecraft texture packs that have 32x32 pixels and above resolution are considered HD already.

The vivid and dreamy world of Minecraft is best viewed with Minecraft texture packs. I don’t know why, playing Minecraft without adding mods and texture packs is merely plain. Just so you know, mods and texture packs are two different things. Mods add new features and things into the game while texture packs only modify the appearance of the game or the skin. But, usage of texture packs have been proven to be overwhelmingly effective in increasing replayability.

Minecraft Texture Packs

Minecraft Texture Packs

I want to recommend you a few Minecraft texture packs, from the original resolution up to the HD resolution. The ones I write are my personal favorites. Before you are trying to install HD texture packs, a mod to enable HD resolution is essential. Download one of HD patchers available in minecraftforum to activate HD textures. Below is the instruction in installing MCPatcher that can be found in the minecraftforum
  1. Download the patcher (link on the end of the article)
  2. Open the patcher by double-clicking it. If you cannot, manually open it with Java.
  3. Check the box with the words “HD Textures” and “HD Fonts”. It is optional whether you want to tick the Better Grass option or not.
  4. Click patch.
  5. Copy the texture pack file into texturepacks folder inside minecraft installation folder.
  6. Run the game and you can switch the texturepacks back and forth without the need to repatch it.

If you have successfully installed the MCPatcher, its time for Minecraft texture packs!

Photo-Realistic Texture Packs
Photo-realistic texture packs aim for the best and most realistic look of Minecraft. There are a lot of it like LB’s, KoP, KDStudios’, and much more. Since they are photo-realistic, mostly are available starting from 32x32 pixels up to 512x512 pixels. Install whichever resolution you like.

Smoothed Texture Packs
Smoothed texture packs are just the smooth version of the original Minecraft texture. Notable texture upgrade is dripping water or lava. It is available from the original 16x16 pixels up to 128x128 pixels. The example is “Faithful” Minecraft texture pack by Vattic that increase the resolution to 32x32 pixels with smoothed vanilla graphics.

This one is specific and phenomenal. Sphax has done a remarkably good job for making a HD texture pack compatible for Aether, Zipline, and other mods. PureBDCraft changes the atmosphere of Minecraft into comic-like world with cliche of heroes and villains. The most outstanding thing about PureBDCraft is the resolution. It can be downloaded from the lowest resolution possible up to 512x512 pixels, which is very breathtaking for Minecraft graphics.

Deciding to install the PureBDCraft texture pack or other Minecraft texture packs? You have your own texture pack you want to publish and tell the world? Just for Gamer happily waits for you feedbacks!

MCPatcher HD link: Click here!