Xbox 720 - New Girl is coming!

After being deceived by announcing a presentation of the console at the last CES in Las Vegas, rumors about the Xbox 720 back. They announce this time a late 2013 release and performance six times higher than the 360. While we waited for the announcements at CES in Las Vegas, the last in which Microsoft was involved, the manufacturer has leaked any information about his future Xbox. But IGN stimulus race with rumors, according to its sources, an output which is scheduled for October or November 2013. If this is true, Xbox 720 would leave a ring on the Nintendo Wii U is expected in the coming months.

Xbox 720 will be equipped with an AMD 6000 graphics processor supporting DirectX 11, HD 1080p, 3D and multi -screens. This chip, introduced in late 2011, will give him six times more computing power than the Xbox 360 and 20% better performance than the Wii U.

In comparison, the original Xbox had a slightly modified version of a GForce 3 of 200 MHz, capable of displaying 1.6 gigatexels per second, while the Xbox 360 has a 500MHz chip that displays Xenos 8 gigatexels by second. Previous rumors also evoked the presence of the center console of a hexa-core processor with which some developers like Ubisoft have already started playing. Xbox 720 seemed to foreshadow an upcoming release, but the Xbox 360 was introduced in 2005, is still far from 10 years of life announced at the time.

Xbox 720

Xbox 720

For some, Microsoft would have already planned to combine Xbox 720 with a touch pad and a system for cloud gaming (games streaming). For others, it should include a new version of Kinect much more advanced and would also be six times more powerful. Inevitably, the second information is not surprising. On the first rumor, it seems intended in that Microsoft has a lot to build on the touch and cloud in the coming years and attempt to impose its own technological standards. According to our colleagues at Kotaku, The Xbox 720 is equipped with a Blu-ray and contains an application to render useless games occasion! That may well make you cringe, and we also (if it is confirmed). It is also possible that the Xbox 720 will offer an input range of services even more extensive than on Xbox 360.

American society might well opt for a more or less similar to Nintendo. In this regard, he said the industry that Microsoft and Sony would wait anxiously to know the true final form of the U Wii (available this year) before refining their weapons. That's why I think Nintendo will be the big star of E3 2012, while Microsoft should wait a few more months before making the machine, perhaps at an event dedicated.

About games now, we know for a fact that some development studios, including U.S. and Square Enix THQ Montreal, enjoy the first development kits, for some time now. One can imagine also that the internal studio strips over for over a year. And if the Xbox 720 is already backing in production since last December, it is easy to build - as our American colleagues - a current output in 2013.