Titan Quest Gold Edition, Only $5 on Steam!

Titan Quest is an exclusive, action role-playing game only on PC. Titan Quest is well-known as a robust action role-playing game and even often dubbed the best since the glory days of Diablo 2. The game was released back in 2006 by THQ and developed by Iron Lore Entertainment. Years have passed, but it still has an active online community until now even though most of it are filled with annoying cheaters. Especially after last week’s Steam’s sale of the day, that priced a bundle of both Titan Quest and the expansion pack called Titan Quest Gold Edition on $5!

The game is often compared to the legendary action role-playing game, Diablo, because of the similarity of the game system. Every skill point we allocated take part in shaping our character. Failing to add the points to the right status for our play style could ruin the game later since the game gets harder slowly but surely and will definitely punish us if we are not ready and steady. That kind of gameplay is really identical to Diablo. Some even call the Titan Quest a clone of Diablo. But that does not anguish the truth that the game kicks asses!

Titan Quest

Titan Quest

Instead of the gothic, dark, and gloomy atmosphere that Diablo brings into its gameplay, Titan Quest focuses on the ancient european mythologies. Such as Greek mythology that spawns hideous creatures such as Medusa, Goat Men, and friends. In the game, we will be given story chapters called Acts. And there are three region that are in this game, which are the ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, and the Silk Road. For the theme of the game, it was very fresh and new. The graphics are considered awesome at the time of the release, it overcame the standards back in 2006.

The best part about this game other than identical to Diablo 2, is the amazing environment. You are set as a hero back in the ancient ages. The link between the Gods and Men has lost. Vile creatures from the Underworld spawn to wreak havoc, destroy, demolish, and scramble everything related to human being. As a wise and responsible king, the Spartan king of that time, Leonidas, assigned you on the mission to clean the mess and fight the evil forces for the sake of human beings and the Gods. You can modify your hero, just like Diablo 2, along with the stats.

According to many seasoned ARPG players, Titan Quest is at its peak point when it comes to the loots. There are hell a lot of loots in the game. It varies from the rare ones to the most useless, common ones. The game carries a unique drop system that increases the challenge in the game. For a monster to drop an equipment, the monster has to be defeated with the equipment equipped on its body. In other words, you have to fight a monster with good weapon/armor and defeat it in order to loot it. But when it comes to inventory system, the game sucks. Other element that draws the game back is the sluggish movement.

Overall, Titan Quest is a decent game with an active online community even after entering its 4 years. Trading 5 bucks out of your wallet for the original Titan Quest plus the Immortal Throne is considered a massive buy-off. Well, that was last week unfortunately, and the price has gone up back to $20 now.