Celebrating Lunar Festival: Elders of Dungeons

To acquire the mighty Proto-Drake, we have to complete all meta-achievements in a year. And now, its the time to search for Elders of Dungeons in order to complete Lunar Festival’s meta-achievement called To Honor One’s Elders. Since Lunar Festival only lasts for a couple of weeks, we don’t have time to stroll around, if you really want to ride the bling-bling Violet Proto-Drake this year, come on, let’s start by reshaping your commitment to find the Elders of Dungeons before meeting the whole elder family.

Lunar Festival is one of annual events held in World of Warcraft. After the astonishing Winter Veil and the shocking Darkmoon Faire, the time for Lunar Festival comes. In the World of Warcraft, Lunar Festival is held every year to commemorate the defeat of ancient evil by the alliance of the good races. In real life, the Lunar Festival is actually made to celebrate Chinese New Year. Blizzard always moves the date of the Lunar Festival every year to make sure it is on the same date as the actual Chinese New Year. This year, the Lunar Festival event is held from the 22nd of January through the 12th of February. There are a lot of things that only appear and occur in the time of the Lunar Festival such as the boss called Omen, items like dumplings, elders, and of course, fireworks. Don’t forget that the Elders of Dungeons also only appear in the Lunar Festival.

Lunar Festival’s meta-achievement is titled To Honor One’s Elders. The aim of the achievement is to honor the elders that were once great heroes that defeated Omen back in the days. Since the ancient heroes only come in the Lunar Festival, we have to take advantage of the time effectively to honor all of them and we will be given a present. One type of the elders are called Elders of Dungeons, which I will discuss in this article. The Elders of Dungeons are elders that master the dungeons throughout the world. Elders of Dungeons were once a force to reckon with.

So, the job here, finding Elders of Dungeons is not really hard. But it is without a doubt, a scratch in the ass. We just have to meet and talk to 13 Elders of Dungeons and they will give us a quest. Since they are spread across the universe, I will list the locations of the Elders of Dungeons below:

Elders of Dungeons

Elders of Dungeons

Elder Splitrock - Maraudon
Inside the tunnel that goes to the Goblin from Rotgrip. 

Elder Stonefort - Lower Blackfort Spire
At the early rope bridges. 

Elder Morndeep - Blackrock Depths
Standing in the Ring of Law. 

Elder Starsong – Temple of Atal’Hakkar
In the Sunken Temple, the first one to the left.

Elder Fairwhisper - Stratholme
In the northern area of the festival lane, around The Unforgiven.

Elder Wildmane - Zul’Farrak
In the room where the Gahz’rilla gong is located. In the southeastern corner. 

Elder Igasho - The Nexus
To the right of the ramp where Ormorok the Tree Shaper is. 

Elder Jarten - Utgarde Keep
After the room of Prince Keleseth, go left after encountering a set of stairs. 

Elder Nurgen - Azjol-Nerub
After Hadronox, jump into the hole. 

Elder Kilias - Drak’Tharon Keep
Find him to the left of the King Dred’s cage. 

Elder Ohanzee - Gundrak
Just behind the Drakkari Colossus.

Elder Yurauk - Halls of Stone
Standing on the path to Krystallus.
Elder Chogan’gada - Utgarde Pinnacle
He can be found under the stairs just after Skadi the Ruthless.

That’s all, the thirteen Elders of Dungeons. Some may give you a harsh time to find but regardless, finding the Elders of Dungeons is worth the time and effort.