Hot Shots Golf a.k.a Everybody's Golf - Now Available for PSV

If media coverage is less important in Europe and Japan, Everybody's Golf (aka Hot Shots Golf in US, aka Minna No Golf in the archipelago) is still a series that gained acclaim around us. Playing about a spirit of good-realism has led to the inverse of a Tiger Woods to name it. It will not be surprised to find everything that made the success of the series on PS3 and this year also available for PSV.

Episode after episode, the popularity of Hot Shots Golf series continues unabated. And even if the time is over one million sellers, Sony can regularly count on a new version to boost the launch of its new machines, to the point of making this a real title Vita adaptation in its own right, and the most successful launch Japanese to Uncharted Golden Abyss. When it feels like home, no reason to change the hole.

After a big ten episodes, we begin to know the formula. Hot Shots Golf is democracy applied to the little white ball, the kind of game they say "easy to grip, hard to master." Help pages for loads at the interface particularly clean, to the funny characters and a relaxing atmosphere, everything is made to accompany the neophytes in their discovery of the sport. The main principles of gameplay are kept, and drives, putts approaches or linked, provided of course to tame the timing of the gauges, which determine the strength and quality of impact. History dictates that version Vita offers not two but five possible variants of gameplay, it will develop gradually through the store the game if players "old" will love to find their shooting classical gauge with comings and goings of the cursor, you can also count on the Circle Shot the latest PS3 version dated, very nice for timing its impact accurately. Two other shooting methods, one based on more traditional games of golf (the player raises his club), the other displaying a kind of target, complete the deal, offering the player a multitude of choices when the tread course.

Hot Shots Golf

Hot Shots Golf

The orientation competition / online game account probably for much of this increased difficulty. Logic, after all, want to offer a real room for improvement by distinguishing gross casual gamers. On this side, the interface of Hot Shots Golf 6 is clearly thinking about the online. From the home page, this episode provides several direct links to the official website, trade shows online, daily tournaments and, of course, the PlayStation Store for any downloadable content. This is also in this way that one gets the pass line, you need to enjoy content - and limit the passage of the phenomenon of opportunity for Sony. The daily tournaments operate on a principle of upload results, with three courses a day, two of nine, one full. Good idea, the Hot Shots Golf has the good taste to show a percentage of the number of strokes, while updating the standings after each hole, just to see if your miraculous eagle you pushed a hundred places in the hierarchy. Saving the game at all times, have played a tournament will remain grayed out until the next update.