Kid Icarus: Uprising - A Masterpiece of The 3DS

Kid Icarus: Uprising may be the best answer to Nintendo's detractors. Pit with a few levels past were able to convince us in the 3DS special day organized by the Japanese giant in Amsterdam. Explanations. Some complain that Nintendo always use his endless licenses. Others do not do enough. Still, as a factual matter, the new Kid Icarus will have long been desired by the manufacturer of the machines. Fortunately, the wait should not be empty in the case of Kid Icarus: Uprising, because the game has made a good impression during this first contact console in hand. The version shown in Amsterdam allowed to try the game on two levels, one easy and one difficult. The gameplay may remind some Space Harrier with phases of shoot in the air as the ground very dynamic, and enemies that spring from every corner of the screen by swinging their projectiles. The player to control Pit with the analog stick to avoid projectiles, while focusing simultaneously with the touch screen his attackers. A captivating gymnastics, and leaves little respite to the player.

However, ergonomics can pose some problems here because the 3DS hold with one hand while scrubs what's on the screen with the stylus in the other, can quickly tire the wrist. The solution can then pass through a handling type Metroid Prime: Hunters, ie take the console normally, and use his right thumb directly on the touch screen to move the viewfinder. To each his own way, knowing that the two seem to work. To return to the game and Kid Icarus: Uprising gameplay, underscore the regular alternation between fly ash and ground fighting with in the second case the presence of more or less large boss in the demo. The bestiary already seems fairly varied, with the return of Underworld monsters already met long ago on the NES.

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Basic on paper, Kid Icarus: Uprising nevertheless very enjoyable to practice, because we already feel at any time and finish the task which will be the object. The difference with most other productions 3DS shown for the event is obvious. It finally makes sense. We are here in the presence of a game at the root redesigned specifically for the 3DS, and therefore for the 3D, while most other products are only portages "embellished" with a new technology. Visually, there is no photo: Kid Icarus Uprising 3DS is the game the most convincing to date, and one of the prettiest games that we have seen on a handheld. Like that, it said. The effects of depth, relief, combined with scroll decorations phases give the air circling for maximum immersion.

But the quality of textures, sets, or special effects is no exception, giving us the right to a package of goodies for the retina in the fighting. The ancient cities, caves, sometimes gigantic enemies are also modeled with care. And as the game is more fluid. It has much to be optimistic about the technical level of the final version. A product advantage of Kid Icarus: Uprising is on very solid foundations, so, not only for its realization. The action looks strong, explosive, with the right amount of bonuses to collect, dodges to achieve, and giants to put down for this joyous fireworks also know its a little passages Epic. Pit Palutena, Medusa and their associates have made us wait an eternity, but finally they are far away. Still a little bit of patience.

Kid Icarus: Uprising Official Trailer