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Nintendo 3DS colors are Aqua Blue, Cosmo Black and Flame Red. All of their colors are amazing, but if I should to choose one of the Nintendo 3DS colors, I personally prefer to Nintendo 3 DS - Cosmo Black because I think it really cool! How about you? If you should to choose one of the Nintendo 3DS colors, which one do you prefer to?

Nintendo 3DS Colors

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Review by NetworkWraith

I purchased my Nintendo 3DS on July 1st, and I have been using it regularly since then. I must say first off I love the 3D feature, I love even more that you have the option to turn it off/down as you eyes require. The unit itself is rather solid, the screen hinge at times can feel a little floppy, and I would like to see a little more stiffness out of it fresh out of the box. The fear in my mind is that after years of use, it will loosen up further, but I guess only time will tell. I will make a note here about the 3D feature, and this maybe the most important one (if you are getting this mainly for the 3D), to use the 3D feature you (hard to say...) have to have both eyes functioning. The only reason I mention this is because I showed this device to my cousin, who happens to have a scar over his eye reducing his vision in one eye, and he kept complaining to me that the screen was nothing but a blur. We found that turning off the 3D allowed him to see the screen fine, hence the note about the vision requirement. in no way do I claim to be an expert on it, saying who will be able to use or not use the device for 3D, but if you have any concern what so ever stop into a game shop and test drive one of the demo's first, then order it here for the better pricing. Now after all that being said and done, even if you do have problems seeing the 3D, you can still enjoy all the new games and features by just turning off the 3D with the slider switch on the screen.

The box contained for me the 3DS unit, with a preinstalled 2GB SD Card, a charging dock, charging cable with wall adapter, and a big ol'manual. The charging dock is a pretty awesome set up, you pretty much just walk up and drop the 3DS unit onto the platform, and it charges. No cables to fuss with, clips to touch, etc. (long as you leave the dock plugged in of course). So far i have tried some older DS Games on the unit like Final Fantasy III, and they look and work great, no 3D, but i like them anyhow. I have never run my unit down, battery wise, but then again I do not play it for hours on end. So for me the battery life on the unit is fine. Kind of like the Wii I find myself playing the goofy side games more than I do the purchased games. As a side note, a Netflix app was recently added to the unit allowing you to watch videos from your netflix que via wifi, so far that has been pretty interesting.

Also to be fair I must note that at this time (August 31, 2011) I am still rather disappointed in the lack of actual 3DS games that are available, yes Zelda was fun but I really want to play some of the games that have been advertised for the fall. One reason I am not freaking out about this yet, is probably the 20 free games that Nintendo is going to be giving out for purchasing the 3DS prior to the price drop. So far games announced are Super Mario Bros., Zelda 1 & 2, and Metroid (6 others as well). So I am content for a month or two more... I hope the actual 3DS games start to roll out soon and not just the rereleases...

If you currently own a DS or DSi, I'd probably hang onto it, there really isn't much out for the 3DS yet to warrant an upgrade. If you don't have a DS or DSi yet but want a nintendo handheld get the 3DS, in my opinion in the long run it would be the better choice... (I Hope).

Review by Paul Burrows

I was going to wait until Christmas as an excuse to use my Gamestop credit to buy a Nintendo 3DS, but when it dropped to $170 I got excited and bought it on the first day it dropped in price. And I have to say that I really love it. For a little background I'm a 35 year old big kid who has loved Nintendo way back since the original 8-bit system and even before that with arcade games and am now introducing my sons to Nintendo with the Wii and 3DS.

Opening the packaging I was amazed at how nice it looks (I got the aqua blue); I noticed though that the shiny surface collects fingerprint smudges easily both inside and out, but that's minor. Since I carry an eye glass wipe I use that on it, after a while I didn't seem to care as much. I noticed that while playing the buttons squeak a little and that the directional and home/select/start buttons feel a little cheap, but they still work well when playing games. I love the circle control though; it's very useful for Links awakening download and Street Fighter 4.

I love how the Home menu is set up a lot like the Wii menu with all of the little boxes that you can click. The stylus is a nice touch to be able to point and click, but after a while I actually found it more intuitive to just used my fingers, and the touch screen is set to just the right amount of sensitivity to allow my fat fingers to be able to hit all of the screen buttons and actually have it respond accordingly. The system itself is extremely easy to set, up, the only difficult aspect, but only because I was out of town and not used to finding other Wi-Fi sources other than my own.

I love the internet feature, I'm moving from an original DS to a 3DS and I love the ability to be able to lay in bed and play a game and when I'm stuck, create a save spot, look up a walkthrough on the internet and then go back to playing. Plus other sites. I did notice that the 3DS won't show video and some images and sometimes has a problem with Hotmail, but all in all it's a great addition. The parental controls are all or nothing, so ether you allow your kids all access to everything good and bad or cut off that ability.

The store is also a great addition, I already downloaded Links Awakening and I love the added feature of being able to create save spots. I also love how DSI games are also available for more selection since the 3DS choices are still growing. Plus the huge range of prices from $2 - $8 is very welcome.

I play the AR Games which are fun, but don't really find myself taking the extra time to pull out the cards. Probably the least used feature. I love the Mii Maker/Plaza and earning coins by carrying the system around in my bag since it counts steps and rewards you with 10 coins per day for use in the Mii Plaza and AR Games to buy puzzle pieces, complete quests for Mii hats and buy AR Games. I've finished one puzzle and got a few hats. The puzzle can be frustrating or great depending on your point of view since you keep getting extra pieces that you already have, but it can be completed. Since I carry it around I have the Street Pass feature on and I haven't really run into many people. I figure though that it's a shot in the dark with not a lot of people having purchased the system and/or may not have it set up. It's even worse when you have a particular game and you have the same game as those that you're around in order to activate that games particular Streetpass features. But I'm hoping that once more people buy the 3DS that more Streetpass opportunities arise. I find that store 3DS displays like at Target are a good way to use that feature and collect new Mii's though.

As for the camera the pictures aren't high quality, but for what it is it does the job. I love taking pictures and then drawing horns and other things. I'm still trying to figure out the music and getting compatible music files onto the SD card from my computer. Nintendo video is fun, I haven't been totally impressed with the videos themselves and I wish that you could go back to old ones and I really wish that there were more videos that my younger sons could watch, but it's still a neat feature. I tried the 3D feature, but would get eye strain so I never use it. Some people complain about the battery life, but I find it sufficient for my needs.

My boys play Nintendogs and I find that that have an extremely easy time at not only playing the game itself, but making Mii's and doing all of the other features. So while there are some faults I find it to be a pretty great system.

I hope the review above can be useful for you. Anyway, from all Nintendo 3DS colors above, have you decide which one will you choose if you buy a Nintendo 3DS?