wipEout 2048 - Let’s Speed!

Chronologically, WipEout 2048 is before any other WipEout, and thus the beginnings of the sport that is futuristic racing armed vessels - the "history" of the saga, so to speak, only went back so far in 2052. Therefore we will find many vehicles unpublished and 10 circuits while beautiful, brand new. In fact, Sony Liverpool immediately gives the tone: this WipEout 2048 is clearly does not want to give in recycling easy. And if the weapons available in the version of the game we've tried did not look much further (the mine, the shield, the magic bullet, earthquake), we promised in some fresh, perhaps to discover later. It must be said that we are told is an episode focused more on combat than previous ones, with larger circuits where the fineness of control will play a less dominant role. We can rest assured; it did not really jump out at our test.

Gameplay side, we find immediately the sensations of the last episodes of PSP: inertia and the floating of the series inimitable respond well present, while the graphics are gorgeous, the animation speed to be successful without dementia (it s 'acting but not the fastest vessels) and WipEout 2048 still prevails an impression of nice mess when navigating in the packets of competitors. By the way, they will never be more than 7, in single-and multi.

But perhaps in the controls was expected as the WipEout 2048 at the turn given the new opportunities offered by Vita. There are many a fashion "Motion" in which one directs his ship with the accelerometer and speed where you can rub the touchpad back, but it's a little gadget. We therefore prefer the old-school approach with these good old buttons on the side for left and right airbrakes Cross to speed, a weapon to absorb Round and Square to shoot (a mode "Racer" can also play with a configuration more typical race car: R1 to speed up, L1 to brake, to shoot Cross, etc).

Sony Liverpool admits have long tried to find a way to exploit the full capabilities of the machine-level touch including, but find a quick fix gameplay adapted to boiling of the saga. Suffice it to traditional problem-free controls, especially as the WipEout 2048 will draw well on other features of the console as augmented reality or the use of the camera that can show the other players in our crestfallen when defeat on the finish line. Note also the use of anecdotal touchpad back through the menus, where you can also navigate by tapping the screen.

wipEout 2048

wipEout 2048

More interesting the game will be playable cross-platform multiplayer with WipEout HD on PS3. This promise, party mode is also announced, as a soundtrack that mind-blowing (normal for a WipEout), including the Deadmatch. In a nutshell, WipEout 2048 promises to be a good ambassador of technical possibilities, but not limited to the PlayStation Vita, without making provided a showcase without a soul. A role will definitely like a glove in the saga of Sony Liverpool. Output expected at the launch of the console so.

I must say I was impressed with the graphics of a dazzling finesse (the details ever seen in an even WipEout HD on PS3 with FURY), the perfect fluidity and lack Quazi total aliasing. But there, How to tell? I did not take such a visual slap on a game from the lutris. WipEout 2048 is simply stunning! The music is fantastic, sound engine Tripp (like the pod race star wars episode 1 power of 10) 4 or 5 channels that I had the opportunity to use since my purchase even more impressive than the demo. The content looks huge anyway.