Xbox 720 and PS4 Will be Released on 2014?

Actually it is still very much to think about, especially regarding sales for NextGen consoles successor respectively, both Xbox 720 and PS4. Corporate management in America's largest retailer, Gamestop said that management has not provided certainty to sell the NextGen consoles Xbox 720 and PS4 until 2014. Most likely at this time until next year, the sales hype certainly occur in NextGen Nintendo consoles, is Wii U.

Success in sales of the Nintendo Wii U is going to be a trend in the year 2012, GameStop alone is currently preparing the release preparation in the Sony Playstation Vita, which would in a price of $ 249 or 2 million 400rb's.

Xbox 720 and PS4

Leaders of THQ, Brian Farrell, said that they expect the latest NextGen consoles, if indeed there will be a new console output again, certainly will be centered on the new forces that focus on service access and interface users.

At the meeting of partners of Microsoft, Andy Lees as a representative from Microsoft told me that for the blend and consistent across all hardware devices, including the Xbox would require an ecosystem of its own to bring together all of these. Looks like the info provided by him is about Microsoft's plans for its Operation system Windows 8.

With the release of Windows 8 later, all the tools based operating system will be interconnected, ranging from the PC, tablet, mobile until it goes from NextGen consoles Xbox 360 (ie X720) will be interconnected with each other, meaning the game-the game will follow a special platform for Microsoft's gaming output of this in the future.

Boss of the company's 2K Games, Christoph Hartmann said that between Microsoft and Sony, they both are doing an experiment with kinect and the move for NextGen consoles can produce further plans.