List of the Best Skyrim Mods in Skyrim Steam Workshop

Finding the best yet most fun Skyrim Steam Workshop is actually not that hard, as there are a lot of websites over the internet that collect the best working Steam Workshop for Skyrim. At this moment, there are more than 450 mods that every Skyrim player can add to their game with only a click. All those are because of the Steam Workshop that was updated so they are now support Skyrim mods. So the Steam Workshop is now become some kind of the central repository for tweaks or overhauls that made by the community.

Skyrim Steam Workshop

Skyrim Steam Workshop

Regarding the Skyrim Mods, Skyrim Steam Workshop handles all the downloading, installing, and also activating the mod in the game, and even sometimes handles the automatic update of a mod, depending on the mod the gamer use on their Skyrim game.  So, what are the best of Skyrim Mods that have been collected by Steam Workshop up until now? Let’s see the list below to find out the best and interesting between those 450++ mods available in the Workshop that separated in three main categories.

The first category is "Fun Mods". In this category, all the mods collected from Skyrim Steam Workshop is only add more fun on your game, although some of them are not useful. Here is the list of Fun Mods category:
  • Posh mudcrabs: this mod will give all the mudcrabs a tophat and monocle, which is very fun for some gamers
  • Less condescending guards: this mod makes the guards no longer comment on your skills before you have more than 75 points on the skill
  • Pickupable forks: allow the gamer to pickup forks (obviously)
  • Rabbit Rage: although by using this mod the rabbits still have no attack, but at least it gives them voice and aggressiveness of demons
  • Bigger giants: as its name, make the already big giants bigger

Next category of mod collected by Skyrim Steam Workshop is the ‘Useful Mods’. As the name describes, all mods that fall into this category offers a useful things to continue the game easier. 
  • Midas Magic: give a couple of new abilities and spell, very useful.
  • All NPCs Killable: makes all the NPCs in game are able to be killed, even the quest-essential NPC
  • Mark & Recall: a teleportation spell that allow you to save your current location and summons you back to the location later
  • Open Cities: no more loading screen when you wander into every city in Skyrim
  • Ice Island: nothing more to say about this mod, except that it is ice and it is island

And the last category of the mods collected by Skyrim Steam Workshop is the ‘Unbelievable Mods’. The mods are including:
  • Spiders turned into Spiderman: changes the spider into Spiderman looking, makes it less terryfing
  • Sir Dwarf: this mod add a dwarf follower in High Hrothgar, nothing more
  • Killable Children: nothing more to say about this "UINBELIVABLE" mod
  • Argonian Skin Shoes: makes every creature’s skin can be used to make as footwear

With mod are being made daily, there are high possibilities that the mod collection of Skyrim Steam Workshop will eventually get bigger.