Skyrim PS3 Update 1.4 - List of Fixed

Finally, the awaited Skyrim PS3 Update 1.4 has been arrived on PS3 owners all over the Europe and US. This is the latest version released as the Xbox 360 and PC version of update has been released for quite a while.  This new patch brings a lot of bug fixes as well as some fixes on the quest. The most noteworthy and awaited by most PS3 gamers of Skyrim is to fix the lag issues on the PS3 version of Skyrim.

To install the update, simply just play the Skyrim on your PS3. On the startup of the game, a notification will pops up and inform you about the new Skyrim PS3 Update 1.4. Choose to update and you need to wait for a while after it finished updating your game. Bethesda mentioned that there will be a couple of strange behavior in the newly updated game and ensure that the behavior are only a temporary effect of the Skyrim scripts to fix themselves. However, if you found a problem when downloading and installing the update, such as black screen, the system resets, or other problem, there are two ways to fix it. The first method is to go to your ‘GAME DATA’ and find ‘Skyrim Update 1.3’. Delete the file is proved to make the downloading and installing process of Skyrim PS3 Update works fine. Other method is to download the update file from your PC, and copy it trough flash drive over your PS3.

Now is the main show, what are the changes of the latest Skyrim PS3 Update 1.4? Without further ado, here they are:

Bugs Fixed on Skyrim PS3 Update 1.4

Skyrim PS3 Update 1.4

  • Memory and performance optimized for long term play
  • Armor and clothing issues on mannequin in player’s house
  • Scripting memory optimizations
  • Dangling scripts memory clearing issue
  • Pathing and AI related issue
  • Crash issue in ‘Haemar’ Shame’
  • Crash issue when loading saved games
  • Accented characters issue
  • Dragon priest mask issue
  • Quest save incorrect progress issue
  • Books placing and removing issue in player’s home
  • Bookshelf script optimized
  • Weapon racks and plaques issue on player house
  • Player house in Windhelm issue
  • Giant attack and spell absorb issue
  • Ash pile issue
  • Fail overwriting save issue
  • Memory crash with container issue
  • Infinite bookshelves loop issue
  • Failure when transforming werewolf to human issue
  • Occasional Audio issue

Besides the bugs fixed above, there are also numerous fix regarding various quest in game thanks to this latest Skyrim PS3 Update. In short, most of the bug and quest on the PS3 version of the Skyrim game is already fixed. Even so, Bethesda still welcomes every issue to be reported to their website in order to be able to fix it in their next update.

Although most of those fix are only minor, which rarely has a great effects in game, at least Bethesda has shown their intention to support this wonderful game so every player, no matter in PC, Xbox, or PS3 version can play the game with the best experience. So, expect to see another next update besides this Skyrim PS3 Update 1.4.