Feel Lonely When Playing Skyrim? Find Skyrim Followers for Company

Skyrim followers are great options to accompany you as the gamer to going trough tundra of Skyrim, or other place. Although you can co-op or multiplayer with other gamer in this game, but using Skyrim followers is much more convenient as you can play by yourself anytime without waiting for other players to come up. Skyrim followers are actually one of a companion system that Skryim offers. As we all know, the companion system can appear to be animal companions or traveling partner. Some of the companions probably leave your party after a dragon slaying job while some other remains.

As for the Skyrim followers, they are the NPCs that you across in the game with ‘follow me’ speech option. Sometimes, this NPC would ask for something before they become your Skyrim followers, such as quest, fight, or other. One thing you must pay attention is you can only have 2 Skyrim followers at a time, one humanoid and one non humanoid follower (animal). This way, you need to find your favorite follower that matches your playing style. Some gamers would like follower that can assist them in battle while some other would choose other kind of follower. All those are yours to decide.

Skyrim Followers

Skyrim Followers

Skyrim followers follow you not for nothing as there are a lot of benefits of having followers follow your hero. The first benefit is to assist you in fight. So, anytime the combat begin, your Skyrim followers will rush to join the battle. Different kinds of followers are available, so once again, choose the follower that matches your style of play. The next benefit is the follower cannot die, except you kill your own follower. If by some case they hit points reduce to 0, they will just fall to their knee and will be revived at the end of combat. Unfortunately if you slays your follower either intentional or unintentionally, they will die. Some bug has reported regarding this matter as some NPC are reported to be dead even if it’s not your doing, so you still need to pay attention and protect your followers while in combat.

Skyrim followers also can act as your mules, as they can carry the stuff that you don’t or can’t carry at the time. Only humanoid follower can carry stuff so never even think of giving your non humanoid follower to carry things. Other benefit of followers is they also ale to be equipped with better equipment. This way, you will be able to get the maximum potential of the follower to help you in battle as better equipment means they will act better in fight. And the last benefit is that you can command your follower anytime so they can wait, follow, or even dismiss them. If a follower dismissed, they will get back to their original place and you have the chance to pick up new companion.

Hopefully, this article can open your eyes of how beneficial to having follower following you. Although there are more than enough Skyrim followers to choose from in this game, you need to find out the best follower that fit your style of play in order to get the maximum benefit out of it.