Psychonauts: More than Just an Adventure Game

Psychonauts is the latest game released by Double Fine developer, which finally released to Mac and Apple store so every iPhone user can download it right away. For you who never heard about this Psychonauts game before, you have nothing to blame as the last time this Double Fine’s game are announced back in seven years ago. But although seven years ago the announcement of Psychonauts is nothing to be proud of, it seems that the released game is nowhere near of the game announced back in the past. In other word, Psychonauts is worth every dollar you spend to buy on Apple store. Besides for iDevices and Mac, it looks like Double Fine also release Psychonauts for PC.

About the story, Psychonauts is telling a story about Raz (his full name is Rasputin), who ran away from his family because he feel bored with the circus the family run, and decided to join to Camp Whispering Rock. This camp is a summer camp that train kids with special ability, which psychic in this Psychonauts game. Every kids with psychic ability trained in this camp become the Psychonauts. Raz is not alone to become the Psychonauts as other campers also involved to become one of psychic secret agents. But that not last long as Raz finally discover the original sinister plot beneath the camp, which bring him, or you as the player, to get into a real mess of mind confusing mystery.



Although this Psychonauts is all about action, but you will find a lot others in this Psychonauts game, including mystery, highly develop characters, and twisting story, which is very challenging for most gamers. The graphic is also gorgeous, not to mention that each character have their own past as well as personal demons that surely useful in your adventure. You will not find any similar game as Psychonauts that able to bend your mind in a complicated but challenging story. There will be nothing to wondering about if you play this game nonstop due because of addicted.

Psychonauts indeed come as Adventure genre of game, but you will find any other gameplay as well, including puzzle, combat, and racing. No wonder that many of the game critics give more than 2 thumbs up for the developer that able to develop such a game like Psychonauts. The best thing of Psychonauts is not the variety of gameplay, but its sudden shift between those gameplay that keep the Psychonauts game challenging as well as heart pacing. Though sometime if you feel like the smoke might come out from your head due to the problem of finding the next hints, you are always free to close this game for a while, relax your mind, and try to find the hint back on the Psychonauts.

Another warning from fellow gamers that have tried Psychonauts is watch for occasional hand cramp, which happens often if you play the Psychonauts with keyboard, trackpad, or gamepad. But overall, no obstacles are in your way to buy Psychonauts and play it in your Mac, iDevices, or PC.