PS3 4.10 Update Coming for US and Europe PS3 Owners

Recently, the latest firmware update for PlayStation 3, the PS3 4.10 update, is now live any PlayStation 3 owners in that resides in both US and Europe are able to download the update this firmware. This update have size about 180MB is bringing a lot of changes and improvements, such as the PSN name change, browser improvement, and many other that surely makes the PlayStation 3 system better. Some of the bug fix also included in this update so you can expect a more stable system of your PlayStation 3 console if you download and install this firmware.

As described before, the PS3 4.10 update is including the PSN name change. This is one of the efforts to cooperate the PlayStation Network and all other Sony Entertainment Network services. This change has impact that all PSN accounts of the player will be renamed to Sony Entertainment Network Account. Although the name changed, Sony has mentioned that all the features of the PSN will be not changed even a bit. It gave relief to most gamers as they apparently can still play games online, have access to download game or add-ons, and other entertainment features that offered via PSN such as movies, music, and sports.

Besides the PSN name change, the PS3 4.10 update also brings improvements over the PlayStation 3 Internet Browser, which claimed by Sony to be able to improve the speed significantly. This improvement is optimizing the content display as well as increase the accuracy of the browser when it views page layouts on some sites. Sony also claimed that the internet browser improvement is not all about speed as the Internet Browser of PS3 is now able to display most of the site that cannot be displayed correctly. The example of this case is the interactive websites, which previously not supported by the browser are now able to be displayed properly thanks to this new PS3 4.10 update.

PS3 4.10 Update

PS3 4.10 Update

As if the improvement is not enough, the latest PS3 4.10 update also upgrade browser so it have support for Dropbox. For your information, Dropbox is a service that allows the user to easily upload any files from their computer to the cloud storage, and download the files later through other computer or internet capable device, and PlayStation 3 is included in the list. This is surely a great breakthrough as previously, the PlayStation 3 Internet Browser is unable to open the Dropbox main site, and uploads straight via the console itself can freeze the whole system.  But those problems are now nowhere to be found on PlayStation 3.

Another neat thing regarding Dropbox is each PlayStation 3 owner is now having a free 2GB space if they are signing. The owner can get additional space if they invited friends to sign up on the site. Most report of this new feature of Dropbox on PS3 are mentioned that all files, including music and movie, are able to be downloaded with no problem at all. Not to mention that the speed of download and upload is something to be proud of. The PS3 4.10 update is indeed every PS3 owner should download.