Need More Gems? DragonVale Gem for Gem is The Answer

DragonVale gem for gem is a way to get more gems from your friends. It is actually pretty normal as no online game that requires no friend at all. So, by adding more friends, each player of DragonVale can send and receive gems in order to do more on the game. Friends can be useful when you need some gems in order to make the game easier. They can trade their gem for the eggs or dragon you have, for example, you could trade your rare dragon with more than 100 gems, or you can do DragonVale gem for gem with your friend so you can easily get at least three gems per day.

Whatever you do, never play the game without having even a single gem in your possession. Sometimes, the beginner of DragonVale will spend their entire gems to perform various actions, such as cutting bushes and trees down, spend them on nursery, and many others. Actually, the gems are very important thing every player should treasures as it needed to go much further in the game. In-game play even shows the importance of gem as they only offers to trade gems for coins but not vice versa. As for the amount, you can trade 50 gems for 196,000 coins.

The bad news is there is no other way to get more gems except to buy from the market using coin (which is really expensive), or purchase the gems with real money, which surely inconvenient for most players. But the good news is if you have enough friends to add, there is high possibility that you will receive gems for free by doing DragonVale gem for gem. That is why there is a lot of posting in game forums or other website in internet that asking for every DragonVale players ID in order to get more friends and thus lead to more possibility of having gem by trading with egg, dragon, or gem.

DragonVale Gem for Gem

DragonVale Gem for Gem

Each player can only do DragonVale gem for gem up in limited amount. To make it more clearly, you can only send a single gem to 3 different people each day. But it doesn’t mean that you can only get 3 gems per day as there is no limit of receiving gem from different player. For example, if you have 100 friends on the game center, you can get up to 100 gems per day if all of your friends send you one. Just make sure that you can give them back your gem, though some of the players seems very generous by only giving gem for free to his/her friend without asking for gem in return.

So, what are you waiting for? Leave your ID on by leaving comment on this article so any DragonVale players can add you on the game center. This way, you can get more gems and do some important things such as speed up the game (egg hatching, dragon growth, and island purchasing for expansion purpose), important transaction (purchasing rare dragons, buy rare eggs, buy essentials in market), or tending the park (clearing bushes, making nurseries, making breeding places), all thanks to DragonVale Gem for Gem.