Twisted Metal Demo Details and Reviews

Twisted Metal demo was recently launched for PS3 console. And if you called yourself a hardcore gamer, then you must have played or at least heard the game called Twisted Metal, which originally released for PlayStation back in a couple of years ago. At that time, Twisted Metal easily becomes one of the most famous games in PlayStation console so it can even be said that every PlayStation owner must have at least this game on their possession.  And with the recent launch of Twisted Metal demo version for PS3, it seems that the developer want to get their glory back.

Twisted Metal demo on PS3 is still bringing a car combat carnage game play, which become the main feature of this game.  But besides the similar feature like the PlayStation offered back there, the producers of this game has revealed the new contents, features, and details that will be brought on this Twisted Metal game when it is officially launched. However, the producer said that the demo version has already covered almost all details and features of the full version, though some features are still a secret until the game officially release in 14th of February.

The main feature of the Twisted Metal demo version is the multiplayer game play, which offering eight different vehicles to choose, each with its own special weapon. Other features are the free-for-all Deathmatch mode, as well as the Nuke mode, which clearly become the best feature of all. If the player doesn’t have the guts to multi play yet, this demo version is still offering Challenge Mode so they can practice to control each vehicle and choose the best vehicle that they will use in the multiplayer mode and rip some cars. 

Full game details and features of Twisted Metal demo version are including:

Twisted Metal Demo

Twisted Metal Demo

  • New features that both of party and clan system
  • Split screen for co-op play, which actually a separated mode of the regular campaign that support up to 4 players at the same screen. Each player can choose from more than 30 levels to play in co-op mode
  • In this demo version, even pedestrian has a role on the game play. Some of the pedestrians wear a vest with cross or question mark. The pedestrian with cross mark give health to the player, while the question mark pedestrian allow you to pick random weapon up
  • Weapon can also be obtained by killing the enemy
  • To get additional health, player must take out the enemy driver as after the player kill enemy, the driver and gunner will be automatically ejected from the vehicle and burn for a while before they finally die. Kill the driver before it dead by the burn and you can get extra health
  • Almost all famous characters are available, including Calypso, Sweet Tooth, Mr. Grimm, Preacher, Dollface, Minion, No Face, Thumper, Yellow Jacket, Pit Viper, Mr Slam, and Twisted as well

Although still coming as demo version, this game really brings back memory of the players that love to play the previous version. Without a doubt, after seeing and playing the Twisted Metal demo version, the official version will be absolutely awesome.