The Darkness 2 Review - Rip, Rip, and Rip!!!

Most of The Darkness 2 review spread all over the internet is mentions one similar word: RIP! Well, the truth is that this game really is violence, so nothing wrong with any review of this game that mentioned the same word. Digital Extremes as the developer has started the game with the story continues from Jackie and Jenny’s interesting love story but ends in tragic scene, which surely the main idea of this game. For you who never know this game, Jackie is the mob boss that infested with demon, while Jenny is already dead. Confused? No need to worry as the only thing you need to do is rip some flesh.

The Darkness 2 Review

The Darkness 2 Review

From all the gamers that have played and create The Darkness 2 review, they only need six hours of average to complete this game. As described before, all you have to do is ripping your enemy during those six hours. Not only stops in there, popping off their head, rip men in half, slash their legs, tear out their heart, and rip their spines are only to name a few of violence you can do to your enemy. As it is not enough, The Darkness 2 even offers a kill method called ‘Assecution’, which is probably the worst way to kill someone. No need to explain what the ‘ASSecution’ means as you probably already figure it out by yourself, but if you don’t, just play the game yourself and you will found out.

Violence is all you can get from the The Darkness 2; it is really matched with all of The Darkness 2 review that mentions the same word of every review. So, if you expect shooter gameplay like the previous version, you might be disappointed as the new developer, the Digital Extremes, decided that ripping off body part and bloodbath scene are better than killing with a gun. But still, this change is not a bad thing, especially for you who expect this sequel to be more real and vicious. The only downside is probably this sequel’s storyline is nothing near the predecessor as the player only able to life carelessly for a couple of moment before finally getting into nonstop vicious and bloodbath full actions. Really is a game that recommended for gamer that love to acts more than think.

Although The Darkness 2 doesn’t make the gun as the main weapon anymore, but guns are still become one of the available weapons besides slashes and other darkness weapon. The usage of guns are still as awesome as the predecessor as the player can easily master the art of blasting and shooting enemies off while at the same time ripping other enemies with demon arms or cut them in half with the slash. In short, massacres are happening.  Now, no one can blame every games websites that mentions ‘vicious’, ‘violence’, or ‘rip’ on The Darkness 2 review they post.

Last warning, if you cannot stand to see blood, inner body part, or vicious scene, you better never touch this game for your own sake. If you think that the story might be interesting, forget it! As you never find anything like that in The Darkness 2. But if you want to relieve your stress, this game could become a nice stress reliever. And that concludes The Darkness 2 review.