The Darkness II - Even Glimmer of Light Will be So Meaningful

In The Darkness II, adaptting a comic book video game is not an easy task. However, you can easily say that Starbreeze had succeeded in 2007 with The Darkness. Not without its flaws, the game had found its audience, making even passing a bad score with more than one million copies sold. The publisher 2K Games has decided to replace the cover by giving developing its response to Canadian studio Digital Extremes. If it was clearly the goal to provide a strong single player experience, it also took time to work on the multiplayer aspect of The Darkness II. The game features include a coop mode highlighting a gallery of new characters. This is what you can expect.

Before discussing the multiplayer side of The Darkness II, make a point on the solo part of the title. Indeed, you have been able to play a new passage of history. Remember that it is always written by Paul Jenkins, a renowned writer of comics, who had worked on the first part. It is of course a guarantee of fidelity to the original material! The game takes place two years after the first round. Jackie Estacado became the boss of the family Franchetti. This does not prevent him from continuing to fight against the memory still fresh of his late girlfriend, Jenny. Despite anger that continues to erode, he managed to control the Darkness at the cost of a daily effort. However, this evil power, the source of most of its ills, continues to burn from the inside in silence. So that one day an unexpected event will cause a recurrence of this destructive pest. But in addition to fighting against himself, Jackie will have to face as a bonus the Brotherhood, an organization that wants to steal his powers for evil.

The Darkness II

The Darkness II

And it would be a shame to forego the aid of these grasping appendages so their presence is revolutionizing our ability to gut everything that moves. Already armed to the teeth like any good self-respecting Mafia, Jackie once again use these extensions gear to catch the enemy before being cut up, enter elements of the decor and catapult the face of the first passer-arms fell back the ground, pull a car door or a sign to use it cover, etc.. Although combining these capabilities with two pop-guns that Jackie could brandish its mimine can turn the player into a real killing machine, which will not be too much to overcome in The Darkness II. Tuck everything that passes will also get a special resource that will be used to increase the skills of Jackie and unlock some special powers. It was thus possible to discover the Gun Channeling, which allows temporarily replace our current weapon ammunition by the energy of Darkness and thus défourailler like a big nag without having to reload.

In all, there are four talent trees that can be improved in the course of our journey to shape our hero according to our preferences. This new face to face with The Darkness II was also an opportunity to discover that the friend Jackie hallucinates a lot and is haunted by voices and apparitions of his former girlfriend revenge in the first episode of the series. A passage in the demonstration of the game even suggested that our hero may currently be locked in an asylum, drooling like a blessed while supernatural adventures animate his sick mind, intriguing.

Graphic side, the switch to cel-shading is actually not that missed that one could believe it at the onset of the first images and whether the murky atmosphere of the first episode has indeed disappeared, found here a graphic style rather nice although quite limited technically. And if you wait, of course, get your hands on one final game before issuing a verdict on The Darkness II, you still admit that the meeting with the game has quite reassured about his future. There's good news.

The Darkness II Gameplay Trailer