Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Still Influential

Much has been said about the thirteenth part of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XIII-2, but in the end, the game was still passed to several million copies worldwide, and now the buzz has waned, the direct result deserves it to do so, or is it another attempt a bit awkward as Final Fantasy X-2 in its time?

Summarize a scenario of modern Final Fantasy is still quite complicated and delicate. It must be said that the specialty producers is to tell a story so convoluted actually quite simple, a habit become a running gag on the Japanese web. Final Fantasy XIII-2 spoke of IE, of Fal'cie and Purging Cocoon, then in the end it was primarily the story of a security guard who wanted to save his sister, the victim of a curse, left to join the fop with his redneck. Final Fantasy XIII-2 again just after initiation of this adventure, we explained that our heroes have created a bug in the space-time, without elaborating. Result, Lightning finds himself in a parallel world out of time called Valhalla, which said it will defend the world against a mysterious and shadowy warrior named Caius. Violent struggle, then return to Serah, the famous younger sister need help with the turning of a corridor in the previous panel. This is annoyed because she just saved + is left without her big sister, always missing. But the separation does not end there, since her fiancé saw his sadness, goes in search of Lightning so that their marriage be happier. Serah live so softly among the charming simpletons that serve as companions to Snow, until she comes face to face with Noel, a mysterious young man who said to come from Lightning. It does not need to follow more Serah Noel in a time warp to go in search of his sister.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Noel is one of the new characters in the Final Fantasy XIII-2. After several battles, the mechanisms of deactivation is finally reached, but Noel, Serah Mog and have yet to find a way to use it. For this, we must be guided in a sort of Noel virtual universe. Walking on the boxes that disappear immediately behind him, the hero must go from point A to point B and collect all the crystals on the screen. Yes, these sequences are indeed small puzzle in itself not very difficult, but perfect for varied gameplay. Unclear whether these sequences take place regularly or it is an isolated example. The demo is finally concluded with a match against new Altas. Absent from the demo Lightning is very present in the final game, as evidenced by the short section presented to the press away from prying eyes. Launched at high speed on his horse Odin, the beautiful committed the battle against Bahamut of chaos. The sequence is extremely short and not playable for us. Journalists putting in place a system for longer than QTE preview with Noel. Unfortunately the only thing we can say about Lightning, whose mission is still mysterious.

With its many new features, in more controlled pace of play and its combat system still effective, the title should easily meet the fans of the series and win back the heart of the players disappointed by XIII-1. If the achievement deserves one or two strokes of polish (the alisasing was indeed present), we relied on to provide a Square Enix game to the dazzling technique as is always the case with a Final Fantasy XIII-2 game.