Twisted Metal - The Classics in its New Look

Series of Twisted Metal PS3 comes with the title containing more demolition and explosions. Play as one of the drivers completely stamped in vehicles of death even better equipped than the army of destructive races and become the champion of violence on wheels.

The concept of Twisted Metal could not be simpler. Take cars, graft devastating weapons on their bodies and place them all in a closed level. It only remains for you to admire the result. The new game Twisted Metal for Playstation 3, the first on this machine, the letter follows the specifications imposed from Twisted Metal 1 on PS1. The game will include solo and multi up to 16 players online and even at 2 or 4 players in split screen. We do not yet know the detailed content of game modes, but there should be drinking and eating at this level. For now, only the Deathmatch modes and Nuke (on which we return below) were revealed. If the solo will focus on the story of a single character, the multiplayer aspect will be based on a concept of factions. There will be four factions and each headed by a charismatic leader (Sweet Tooth Doll Face ..). Casually, the notion of clan gives a clear change since the player will no longer control bound to a single vehicle but may change fairly regularly. Each clan has indeed a broad lineup of vehicles to offer a final armada complete and well thought.

Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal races are pretty tough. To show some of the novel aspects of the new component, the presentation was focused on the multiplayer Nuke. Fairly close to the famous Capture the Flag, this mode sees two giant statues float above the field of play the primary goal of Twisted Metal is to destroy the statue opposite. But do not be as easy as expected since it will first find and capture the enemy leader and drag it to a missile. There he will wait for the missile opens and becomes operational. It is only from there that it is possible to send the leader a missile and control it up to the statue. Whew! During each stage, the game does not stop for one second and the carnage continues on all sides. Needless to say that sending a single missile already requires a huge team effort. The first thing to do in this Twisted Metal feature is to catch the leader, then to bring it back safely and finally to place it in the missile. During this last step, your vehicle becomes even completely harmless because it can’t attack or defend them in the area around the caster. We must therefore rely on allies for a little protection, knowing that if you leave the area, the missile closes and you must start the wait.

We will first conduct a helicopter. Twisted Metal for Playstation 3 introduces several new vehicles including a helicopter. For the first time, it is possible to fly level and attack his enemies from the sky. An ambulance, a tow truck, a sports car, a motorcycle are some of the other vehicles that can drive. Each has a number of weapons on board a missile that is directly related to the function of the vehicle. For example, the ambulance can send him flying a patient in a wheelchair. The players have to control the poor patient to blow up on its victims. It is well recognized is the spirit of the series! If dark humor is present, expect still less disruptive to a game that Twisted Metal Black was for once really creepy. A few other small features of the gameplay were also shown, such as the sniper rifle can knock an enemy with great precision from one end to another level. In fact, more waiting for the shooter, the reticle is more accurate. Yet he will find a break to adjust the shooting. Remember finally that the vehicles can also take advantage of several offensive or defensive powers such as mines, magnets or even turbos. With all of that, the parties ahead are extremely nervous and rhythmic for Twisted Metal.