32GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card – Trust me! You Will Need It

Sony had already warned the players: PS Vita some games will need a memory card for data backup, 32GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card. However, we would have thought that this practice would be marginal and restricted to certain types of gambling problems but it seems that the practice could actually touch the more games you think.

Indeed, Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios confirmed on Twitter that the highly anticipated Uncharted Golden Abyss is one of the games that require a memory card for data backup for the biggest, 32GB PS Vita Memory Card. But where it becomes more worrying is that if he asked the question because a Japanese blog provided a list of games that require the memory card, among which Uncharted. It is possible that Minna no Golf 6, Disgaea 3, Monster Radar and Dream Club is also requesting a memory card.

It talks about a number of features, both of the special, little, to be on the Japanese model, and its catalog of games, in which Sony is realized some adjustments compared to that seen in Japanese and American market.

32GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card

What has most hurt the users to know that Sony will not remove the memory card with your console 32GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card? Instead, the company will market the cards smaller than, respectively, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB, which sit on the sidelines seems to have become one of the most sought after by users for obvious reasons.

Unlike what happened in Europe, Americans do enjoy the 32GB cards in the U.S. launch of PlayStation Vita, being the only Europeans who are left without the opportunity to enjoy this card.

"We currently do not plan to launch the 32GB Memory Card Vita," says Adam Grant, European product manager at Sony PlayStation Vita. Besides this, the company has unveiled the list of games with the console that will land in North American stores, but still needs to know which games will launch in Europe, have so far have revealed only a few listed as a rumor officially unconfirmed. For now, yes, we know that Sony intends to release some downloadable games for Europe; while in other markets will be released in physical format card. In general it seems that Sony does not want to risk and centralize the positive results apart from possible losses.

Best of all is that obviously, you can’t enter any other type of memory card to your PS VITA than that Sony designed specifically for your new handheld. What do you think the bad news? Go Vita, which will raise the price up 100%! ($ 2 per GB), but the band you 4 or up to 7 times more expensive it seems disrespectful.

If at least one memory came bundled with your purchase of the Vita, but it is not. Sony found a proper way to "raise the cost" without having to upload. A few months ago when they left the 3DS, Play Station PS VITA said cost the same as the portable Nintendo. Of course, we were told we would have to spend on a Memory Stick at a very special of value.

The price of memory cards:
  • 4GB Memory card (€ 22)
  • 8GB Memory card (€ 32)
  • 16GB Memory Card (€ 55)
  • 32GB Memory Card (€ 95)

A new pretty amazing in that games on cartridges have the advantage of providing just buying a 32GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card.