PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle - All in One Package

Although the official release date of the PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle is set for February 22, 2012, the U.S. and Canadian players eager to own the console will get one week in advance with a First Edition Bundle announced on the PlayStation Blog. In the U.S., PS Vita First Edition Bundle will contain a 3G/Wi-Fi console, a 4GB memory card and the game Little Deviants stored in a special box for $ 350, the offer to Canada for $ 300  is identical with a difference since the console included will be a model Wi-Fi only. This bundle will be offered in that book for a limited time for some retail partners, but we can therefore get their hands on as of February 15. The question is whether Europe will be forgotten or not regarding the case.

This is actually a transaction announced on the PlayStation Blog, which concerns only the United States and Canada currently. There, SCEA will launch a series of PS Vita First Edition a week before the official launch of the February 22, 2012. Now, a selection of dealers accepting reservations (limited, of course) for two very specific bundles. In the U.S., the PS Vita First Edition is a model Wi-Fi + 3G comes with a special accessory storage, a 4 GB memory card and the game Little Deviants to $ 350 ($ 50 more than the bundle with the console naked). In Canada, the offer is identical except that the model is Wi-Fi, for a price of $ 300. Purchasers can then withdraw their special bundle from February 15, 2012. Memory, we have never seen a marketing offer to afford a new console one week before anyone else.

This pack will have the sweet name of "First Edition Bundle" and will contain a PlayStation Vita 3G/WiFi in the game Little Deviants, a 4GB memory card and a pretty exclusive box, the offer will be available in Canada but in the Unlike the console will be the model Wifi. For the price it will take $ 350 for the U.S. model and $ 300 for the Canadian model, respectively 246 and € 211 before tax.

PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle

PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle will be available for pre-order from some retailers, and for a limited time. This is all very nice for our friends in the U.S. and Canada but will he for us Europeans? The date is still pending and we hope that Sony France could offer us the same kind of offer. Remember that the official date is February 22 unless of course for those wanting to get these packages and once the date changes to February 15 for them only.

One of the main complaints about the Sony PlayStation Vita is the use of memory cards brand owners, which are much more expensive than other conventional memory cards. If you still want to buy a PS Vita, here's good news: Sony announced a new version "Launch Bundle" for limited times to US, which includes an 8GB memory card.

The Launch Bundle will include not only the memory card of 8GB, but also a 250MB DataConnect Pass Session AT & T and a free game, all for a total of $ 299. Surprisingly, it's cheaper than the PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle for Sony, which included a 4GB memory card and a game Little Deviants, to $ 349.99. The new Launch Bundle will be available while stocks last, but Sony did not mention which game will be included in the bundle. Sony memory cards are $19.99 for the 4GB version, $29.99 for the 8GB version and $99.99 for the 32GB version.