Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational - Where All Golfers Around The World Will Join in

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational, the last installment of the iconic series of Clap Hanz and newly available on PS Vita, would be launched in February 22 this year. Specifically, the online game would be available only to players who have entered a code in each copy of "new" in the game. Gamers deciding to offer the game in its hand and wishing still access its online part will be in for a few euros extra. The acquisition of a new code would indeed currently set at 900 yen, or about 9 €.

Trade shows in line are the ones the opportunity to discuss with the players in the room in the World Invitational, walking around in the small avatar customized by you in this little game room Possible interactions are limited to frolic, kicking a ball,  sit or run some pre-recorded animations. Unfortunately the keyboard while the screen mask, at least at the time of testing (ver. 1.02), which complicates the discussion inevitably, despite the presence of a recap of the logs. Surprising as it may seem, we must reserve its participation in online games: impossible at this time to create a private room to confront a friend who you would have joined directly on the servers, it will end up choosing the same tournament, the option, however remote gaming is expected later this year.

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational

To avoid becoming the laughing stock of Japanese players, absolutely unbeatable once online, it will be resolved in long sessions of solo training. We find the typical progression of the series, which unblocks tournaments increasingly difficult when filling sub in order to provide better clubs and characters evolved at indecent prices. As in previous parts of the series, the Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational rewards regular use of the same golfer with many bonuses, such as a stock of powerful shots, or variations of fire, to adjust the force of the blow at the last minute. The tournament win will earn you stars, needed to unlock the corresponding Versus League, sesame to move to the next category. Obviously, the more one is near the elite, and the criteria are tightening, with an average under par really low - making it difficult enhanced.

To ensure that players come back, each course also conceals a hidden agenda, only way to unlock a crown as a reward, like the stars, crowns will unlock other Match Play vicelards more. In short, players who wish to acquire the countless bonus (costumes, BGM, illustrations, objects to avatar) can be reassured that the challenge as content generation too. And who knows, with all online, perhaps you will enjoy promotions  of Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational throughout the season, as was the case for passage of the new year, with prices 33% cheaper.

Technically finally, World Invitational does not perform miracles, merely what he does best: clean graphics, but naive, even if all that still lacks a little contrast, with a brightness a bit overexposed . The musical themes perfectly forgettable fall also in the tradition of the series. Beyond the appearance network operated particularly well, the game leverages the capabilities of the console, with an integration of touch in-game to easily navigate and display some info on the course once. It is also possible to juggle the different cameras from a simple finger slipped. Gyroscopic features of the console are invited to boost the effect of super shots, provided the machine to shake the right timing. Gadget indeed. Finally, note that Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational is part of the long list of games Vita where the memory card is a prerequisite for running the game with 4 MB installation. You never know.