All About: Skyrim Light Armor

The choice between Skyrim light armor and heavy armor maybe intriguing for most people, especially new players of the game. Both of them offer different specialties and benefits, also different downfall. If you look at the smithing skill tree, there are two paths leading to the Dragon Smithing, which is described as the best armor in the game. You will have to choose one path and leave the other. To ensure that you are choosing the right one, I will explain to you what’s best for light armor and what’s best for heavy armor, including facts that maybe you haven’t known yet.

First, make your decision on what your character playstyle will be like. Is it going to be an all-out melee fighter with dual-handed weapon or an Atronach master or a petty thief assassin, make your choice wisely. Now that you already have one in mind, let’s start with the facts of both Skyrim light armor.

Skyrim Light Armor

Skyrim Light Armor

Quick Description
Light armor is an armor made of leather, scale, etc. The main element of light armor is its lightness. Compared to heavy armor, light armor gives faster movement and less sound when sneaking when it lacks defense. Given that fact, Skyrim light armor is better suited for players with an indirect combat style such as thief, archer, mage, etc. Using light armor for a thief will ease the sneaking effort, while giving an edge of moving for archer. However, if you head on a close-combat battle, all guns blazing, you won’t last long without potions and heals. 

Smithing and Stats
Both light armor and heavy armor can reach the armor ratings cap. The best light armor is the Nightingale armor found from a quest in thief guild and the best craftable light armor is Dragonscale armor that requires 100 smithing skills. At the endgame, light armor will be as strong as heavy armor and swifter. But, at the early time of game, heavy armor will have far more strong defense rating compared to light armor. In exchange for that, light armor perk called Unhindered can be obtained at light armor level 50 that negates weight for light armor when there is a same perk for heavy armor, but the heavy armor skill requirement is higher. Using Skyrim light armor will boost your stamina recovery that is very useful when you want to flee from a battle to heal since the enemies can hardly outrun you.

If you want to make the Dragonscale armor, I suggest that you take the left smithing path since it takes one less perk to Dragon smithing and valuable light armors. Taking the left path will give you an extra one perk-unlock point for other skill tree. The Dragonscale armor looks very much bad ass and gives the wearer extra protection. The base defense without any perk nor upgrades is over a hundred already.

That is if your character can smith. Good news for conjuration masters, without smithing, you can acquire the Daedric weapons and armors. Using the Atronach Forge and having your conjuration skill at 90 renders you possible to give offerings to spawn Daedric equipment. Well, actually, Daedric armors are heavy armors, but they are considered the best armor in the game alongside Dragonplate and Dragonscale.

One more thing, if you want to get good Skyrim light armor earlier, side with the Stormcloaks. Completing various quest for Stormcloaks will reward you good light armors while aiding the Empire will net you steamy heavy armor.