Skyrim Nexus Mods - When You Look Without Blinking

That is the very legitimate issue when choosing the different mods for their favorite game. There are many sites that specialize in modding and the world of Skyrim but only one really stand out on the quantity, quality and ergonomics, Skyrim Nexus Mods portal serves as a reference when it comes to change tracks from the engine of Bethesda but also songs like The Witcher even Dragon Age.

Registration for the site is free but required to download files and an active account will be required to use their software house, "Nexus Mod Manager", greatly facilitating the management, installing and uninstalling various mods. Most of the Skyrim Nexus Mods of the guide replace the original game files. The Nexus Mod Manager stores the files of mods in a separate folder and then exchange with the originals when you install them. In theory, installation and un-installation are so clean, but it may happen that files are overwritten without the possibility of backup.

Make a copy of the game data (on Steam, right click on a game from the list and then "Backup Game Files"), but also your backups (located in ... \ Documents \ games \ Skyrim \ saves). It appears also that some mods are not compatible. Some replace the same files and another during installation; you will have no choice but to choose one or the other. Moreover, in an update of Skyrim Nexus Mods, uninstall it before installing the new version, to avoid conflicts between the two versions. Finally, if you want to uninstall mod adding objects in the inventory, remove the items he adds, and save your bag before you remove the mod. It is the same for mods adding new locations or buildings. If you want to delete, traveling first to a city of the original game, save and delete the mod.

Skyrim Nexus Mods

Skyrim Nexus Mods

The software displays a list of installed mods and easy installation as well as their removal. It allows you to centralize everything, not to get lost when copying multiple files in subfolders of the game, and especially to have facilities of Skyrim Nexus Mods. The own software keeps up to date mods installed from the database Skyrim nexus (Disable in the Settings menu). The software is the installation directory automatically; you just need to tell it to associate the game.

For automatic installation of Skyrim Nexus Mods, click on "Download with manager" to install the mod automatically via the manager, the mod will automatically appear in the list of "Nexus Mod Manager". If you prefer to install a mod in semi-manual, download the archive of the mod by clicking on the "Downloads" and then import it into the Mod Manager via the tab "Mods" and the "Add mod from file" on the left (the icon of the puzzle with a +).

Finally, if you prefer the manual installation of a mod, download the archive and unzip it directly to the root of the game It is ultimately the biggest weakness of Skyrim: PC, the interface is completely imbitable. Menus on the right side only, as long lists his arm around ten hours of gameplay and total lack of icons make the player's inventory is quickly becoming more than a messy teenager's bedroom.

Skyrim Nexus Mods can be downloaded at the moment only SkyrimNexus at this address. You need to install this mod first two (Skyrim Script Extender and Nexus Mod Manager), but the result is worth it. Finally, remember that we published last week a guide to the best of Skyrim mods that will help you live better porting of Bethesda RPG for the PC.