WoW Realm Status - a Handy Tool for Pro Player

WoW Realm Status for short, is a tool that shows the data obtained either from US servers or EU server, and display a list easier to read. On top of that, it puts some server in favorites, and be notified when there is a changing state! Also, an automatic refresh time can be issued, from 1 minute to several hours! WoW Realm Status can be sent in the taskbar (the bottom right corner), and be forgotten (well nearly)! A semi-automatic up-to-day will notify you if a new version to download! It is available in English and French (adapts to the language of your computer)! Finally, WoW Realm Status is open source, primarily uses the C + + with Qt, and is licensed under GPL v3!

Now supports the push notification realms status in the United States and Europe. Get census data, horde, alliance relationship, the classes of each race relations, level, etc.

WoW Realm Status

WoW Realm Status

  • Automatically updates the instant notification when the status of title.
  • Setting simple, the state of unlimited realms with push notification.
  • Verification of United show directly.
  • Promote the support zone.
  • UK Census data.
  • Buffers server side push, push proper notification to avoid WoW official site to provide an incorrect state (kingdom are down and in a very short time, because what the internal server down like Dalaran).

My friends have not had any problems with WoW Realm Status and it has worked 100% as planned. They are playing WoW right now and this application advised me that the server was down. He was still playing when the message arrived; he tried to migrate to Dalaran (Northrend) and abort the game port. He has a confirmation by other server down Northrend. So for all those who see a message that the server is down and you're still playing, ask other players or verification of Trade or General chat in the game to see if a server has been reduced.

This is exactly what they were looking for. Now the day of patch or if the server goes down they get a push notification of the work. It’s very easy to add or delete only the servers you want to know about push notification so you will not get spammed with notifications. My friends bought this application not long ago and it worked great, little pricey, but still good and useful to keep abreast of state level.

This application is nothing to do with Blizzard Entertainment. World of Warcraft and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment in the United States and / or other countries. Internet connection required WoW Realm Status is available in binary only under Windows, it is fully cross-platform (Well, all those that Qt supports). Just for the non-windowsiens to compile the source code included. One way would be to get Qt Creator, open the file "", and press the "build". Finally this program is very easy to use and install to whatever device you want. With this you won’t miss every single update from your WoW game.